Baby Shower Thank You Cards

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A new baby on the way is a perfect time to celebrate. Throwing a baby shower for your dearest friend or family member provides the new parent with the diapers, equipment, clothing and furniture she needs to welcome her sweet bundle of joy. Have baby shower thank you cards ordered before the shower so you can have the envelopes out for the guests to pre-address. This saves the new mama time and allows her to focus on the handwritten note instead of searching for addresses. Task someone with the job of writing down each gift as they are opened so writing the baby shower thank you cards is easier.


Baby Shower Thank You Cards FAQs

Can I order personalized thank you cards?

Baby shower thank you cards can be personalized with a pre-printed message when you place an order. This can save the new parents time when filling out thank you notes when they only have to add a signature and a small note.

Are cards available in bulk sizes?

Bulk thank you cards are available to purchase in quantities of 25 or more. To save the most money, round up when ordering your cards so you have more than enough and have the highest cost-savings. When you click on the card you like, you will see a dropdown box to choose the quantity you need.

What types of styles are available to choose from?

The styles available to choose from range from simple typography to photographs. If you love the look of flowy lettering, that's also available. Choose the design that fits the personality of your loved one so they can enjoy writing each note.

When should I mail thank you cards?

The proper etiquette for sending thank you cards is within three months of the event. Depending on when the baby is due, you may want to start writing them immediately after the baby shower so you can get them sent out before you have a newborn.

Do I have to mention each specific gift in the thank you note?

If someone has written a list of the gifts along with the gift-giver, it's appropriate to thank them for the specific gift. It's also proper to thank them for taking the time to celebrate with you.

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