Best Wedding Thank You Cards

Apr 9th 2021

Best Wedding Thank You Cards

wedding thank you cards

Your wedding is a huge moment in your life. This event is your opportunity to stand before your family and friends and declare the everlasting love you have for your partner. Naturally, you want to make sure you properly acknowledge all those who helped to make your special day a perfect experience. Wedding thank you cards are the customary way of showing appreciation to those who came out to attend your event, so you want to make this task a top post-nuptials priority.

Picking out the perfect card takes time. Explore these design options from Cards for Causes and discover a style that matches the way you’d like to express your gratitude.

Every Single Day Card

Shop Every Single Day Card

While you want to thank your wedding guests for attending your event, you may also wish to extend the gratitude beyond this reason. Since the people who were guests at your wedding are also your closest family members and friends, be sure to consider a card design that thanks them for being there for you every single day. This is a simple and straightforward message that cuts right to the heart.

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Vertical Photo Card

Shop Vertical Photo Card

Another way to go about custom thank you cards is by incorporating a photo of you and your significant other. This borderless vertical card allows you the perfect opportunity to display one of your favorite pictures from your big day. The matte finish on the card gives the image a subtle shimmer that creates a unique and special aesthetic. Include a message of appreciation on the inside and show the people closest to you just how much they mean to you.

Shop - Vertical Photo Card

Appreciation Bubbles Card

Shop Appreciation Bubbles Card

Your special day likely left you with a nice, bubbly feeling on the inside. To capture this effervescent sensation through your card, consider this design. Featuring a simple message before a background of delightful spheres, this card allows you to say a lot without a complicated or lavish card.

Shop - Appreciation Bubbles Card

Tattooed Heart Card

Shop Tattooed Heart Card

Some couples might want a bit more pizazz with their  personalized thank you cards designs. If you appreciate a flourish or two in the art and decor you surround yourself with, then think about a card that reflects this attitude. This tattooed heart card is a perfect way to say thank you to your guests while complementing your own sense of style.

Shop - Tattooed Heart Card

Elegant Card

Shop Elegant Card

A wedding is normally viewed as a classy event. Even if you held a small, intimate gathering, it stands to reason you made sure there was something elegant about the day. It makes sense to send out messages featuring an image that perfectly captures this sense of sophistication. This design speaks volumes through its simplicity.

Shop - Elegant Card

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How Can I Find the Right Wedding Thank You Cards?

Discovering the perfect  wedding thank you cards is absolutely easy. All you need to do is visit Cards for Causes and give yourself a chance to review the options available to you. Soon, you’ll have found a style you adore.

Is It Practical To Order Thank You Notes in Bulk?

Depending on how many guests were in attendance at your wedding, you might require a lot of cards. If you want to save money, you absolutely want to order your cards in bulk. This way, you know you have more than enough.

When Should Wedding Thank You Cards Be Sent?

Wedding cards to guests can be sent out as soon as the night of the wedding itself. However, couples have at least three months to get those cards in the mail. Some customs dictate that you have until your first anniversary, though waiting that long might be a bad idea.

What Should I Write in My Wedding Thank You Notes?

Thanking your guests should be as personal as possible. Write a message that directly connects with the person you’re writing to, as opposed to making it seem like a generic way of saying thanks.

Is It Customary To Send Wedding Thank You Cards?

Yes, it is definitely customary to send cards thanking guests for coming out to your wedding. Though some traditions change, this is one that helps couples show gratitude in a sincere and touching way.

There are many different options available to you when it comes to the style and message of your wedding thank you cards. Check out what Cards for Causes has to offer and get your journey started right away.

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