How to write a nice Christmas message?

Jan 10th 2020

How to write a nice Christmas message?

You are writing Christmas cards. What do you say? What is your message? How do you make it unique and how unique do you want it to be? Writing Christmas cards take a little thought, but shouldn’t be hard or traumatic. Just consider a few things when you are ready to write.

Cards for Causes

Who is the message for? Consider first, is this a generic “anyone” card, that is to say a card that can be sent to anyone you may (or even may not) know. A relaxed, neutral language greeting with a wish for joy during the holiday season. That will be different than a card for family. Even more informal, but also more intimate, family cards are the cards that share memories, and can express emotion. Custom Christmas cards will often be for family, as they can be tailored for important events or memories, or share an inside joke.

They say friends are the family you choose. Informal, close messages that may be for people you’ve only just come to know, perhaps met through work, or some social activity. The shared memories can be different than family but be very powerful. Custom Christmas cards can be a great fit for friends, encapsulating that connecting factor that brings you together.

Cards for Causes

Funny holiday cards work great for family and friends, but can also be make memorable business Christmas cards. In jokes about the legal field for you attorney associates, or jokes about what you and your server friends put up with in the food and beverage industry can make for great bonds and connections. Or maybe just a simple joke about the holidays, the stress, the obligations, the chaos that often accompanies them.

Business greetings will be formal, but enthusiastic. Don’t forget to express gratitude for your customers’ patronage, you employees’ hard work, your vendors’ and suppliers’ reliability. Let them know how much you are looking forward to working with them in the coming year. And wish them prosperity and success of their own.

Cards for Causes

Keep in mind if someone has experienced a difficult year. Let them know you’re thinking of them, and give them a wish for hope or strength for a better coming year. Use the card to remind them you are there for them if they need you.

The last two, That Special Person, and the religious card are important too. For many people the Christmas Holiday is not just a season for family and get togethers, but a sacred celebration of great importance. You don’t have to be a believer yourself to acknowledge that. And for that Special Person card, you’ll know how informal you will want to be, and what you’ll want to say.

Holiday cards are about connecting, sharing, building the relationships that will carry you through the coming year. Relationships that will share joy, as well as support in hard times. Let your cards reflect that and more.

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