What are some nice small gifts for Christmas?

Nov 15th 2019

What are some nice small gifts for Christmas?

Cards for Causes

What are some nice small gifts for Christmas?

Sometimes bulk Christmas cards are enough. Sometimes they’re not. When thinking of going just card or perhaps adding a little gift to the mix, who you’re sending to is key. Businesses can benefit from custom bulk Christmas cards, with their logo as part of the card, and maybe even a little gift of a holiday promo code included in the text. But what about friends and family?

Bath bombs or scented candles? Travel mug? Necklaces? These are some answers to the most nagging holiday question, what would make a nice small Christmas gift? Nothing overdone or expensive, just that gentle consideration that says Merry Christmas but does not make a big deal of things. Take the step beyond those bulk Christmas cards and add a little personal touch. Or maybe as a supplementary gift, the traditional stocking stuffer.

Cards for Causes

As with all gifts, consideration is one part of the answer. Does the person love coffee on the run? A travel mug might be just what they need. Do you have a shared joke? A personalized coffee mug might be even better. Are they concert fiends, or love live sporting events? How about a ticket stub diary. Looking for that bit of themselves you can add to often makes a great gift. And the personalized touch can make a big difference. Just like custom Christmas cards can make an important connection, so can that personalized journal.

Calendars whose proceeds go to a favorite charity can be a part of the giving nature of Christmas, just as Cards For Causes’ Christmas cards for charity. Charitable donations in the recipients name can be a gift a socially conscious friend could take great joy in. And often those donations will come with their own small gifts.

And in today’s technical world remember phone accessories. Decorative cases for phones are very popular, and can be easy to switch out for a variety of phone fashion statements. Phone mounts for desks, or even mounts for around the neck, can be wrist or neck saving devices! Bulk Christmas cards take the emotional stress out of sending mass missives. A phone mount can take the physical stress out of calling to say thanks for a gift!

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Staying connected is what the holidays are about. Remembering those who are important to you, staying in their thoughts as they stay in yours is all a part of life and community. And sometimes it’s the little things that will make a difference in that connection.

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