What to Write in a Graduation Thank You Card

Apr 12th 2021

What to Write in a Graduation Thank You Card

graduation thank you cards

When you graduate, you are likely to receive many generous gifts, cards and messages. You are no doubt grateful for the kindness and support of your friends and family, but what do you say in your  graduation thank you cards?

The Importance of Graduation Thank You Notes

You may wonder if it is essential to send thank you cards following your graduation in today's digital age. However, your loved ones have gone out of their way to select and send you a gift, and it is a good idea to take the time to send a card acknowledging their thoughtfulness.

The experience of thanking those who support you is rewarding for both you and the recipient. By following some straightforward guidelines, you can write your thank you notes in no time at all.

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How To Write a Graduation Thank You Cards Message

You need to send thank you card to those who give you gifts, whether you are graduating from college, trade school or high school. You may also want to thank those who attended your ceremony or provided support or assistance throughout your education. It may initially seem challenging, but the process of expressing your gratitude is simple and rewarding.

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It is best if you send your thank you cards as soon as possible after receiving a gift. Proper etiquette usually requires you to send thank you notes within a couple of weeks. For significant life events, like graduation, it is acceptable to send cards up to three months after your commencement. However, you may want to write them as soon as possible as this tends to make the task easier. You likely have many new events happening in your life right now, so it is ideal to:

  • Have a stack of thank you cards and stamps on hand, so you are ready to reply when a gift arrives.
  • Write your message right away and drop it in the mailbox. If you put off doing this, you will end up with many thank you cards to write, making the process a much more time-consuming task.
  • If you fail to send a card within the three-month time frame, you should still send a thank you. It is nice to receive a message of gratitude at any time.


When you write your cards, be sure to:

  • Personalize your message with the giver's name.
  • Mention the specific gift.
  • Tell them how you intend to use the money or present.
  • Say thank you again.

When preparing for your graduation, check out Cards for Causes for an elegant selection of graduation thank you cards that support nonprofit organizations. You can customize your card and designate a charity that will receive 20% of your purchase price.

graduation thank you cards

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What do you say in your thank you cards for graduation?

When you write a graduation thank you note, ensure your message is thoughtful and personal by mentioning the person's name. Start by thanking them for the specific gift they gave. Then, let them know how you plan to use it. Conclude by expressing your gratitude for their support and generosity.

Do you send a thank you note for a graduation card?

Most people typically do not send a thank you when they receive a graduation card. However, if you would like to acknowledge your friend or family member's support, you can send a simple note letting them know you appreciate their message and care. In this situation, either choice is acceptable.

How do you thank someone for money in a graduation thank you card?

Often, people send gifts of money to graduates. Tell them you appreciate their kindness and let them know how you plan to use the money. You can use general statements such as, "This will come in handy as I prepare for college!" or "I can use this for dorm essentials!"

What should I write in graduation cards for family and friends?

Your thank you messages do not need to be formal. You can use the conversational language you use every day. Follow this general outline for your card:

  • Acknowledge the gift, attendance or help.
  • Explain why you appreciate it or how you will use it.
  • Conclude by saying thank you again.

What are some examples of graduation thank you card sayings?

When you are writing graduation cards, there are many ways to express your gratitude beyond just "thank you." For example, say:

  • I am so grateful for...
  • I genuinely appreciate it.
  • Your gift means a lot to me.
  • I am touched by your thoughtful gift.
  • The [item] is perfect for me!

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