Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

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Whether your guest brings a gift or not, it is customary to send bridal shower thank you cards to everyone who attends your celebration. Guests who did bring a gift should get a personalized note in the card mentioning the gift, but everyone should be recognized for the effort they made to help you celebrate your upcoming wedding.

At Cards for Causes, you can choose from floral, striped or elegant designs or compliment the theme of your bridal shower with custom thank you cards. Select from a classic look, an embossed sparkle or a regal design to say thanks.


Bridal Shower Thank You Cards FAQs

How Many Thank You Cards Should I Order?

Consider how many guests received an invitation to the shower and use that figure as a starting number. To follow bridal shower etiquette, guests who send a gift but who aren’t able to attend the shower also need to receive a thank you note.

Can I Match My Bridal Shower Thank You Cards to My Invitations?

Absolutely! Cards for Causes has dozens of theme and style options for thank you cards, one of which is sure to complement the colors or design used for your bridal shower invitations. You can customize the message inside the card to thank guests for attending the shower or for their thoughtful gift.

Should I Order Wedding Day Attendance Thank You Cards?

Just like you send bridal shower thank you cards to those who attend your party, bridal etiquette recommends sending thank you cards to those who attend the wedding day. By ordering bulk thank you cards from Cards for Causes, you can have matching shower and attendance day thank you cards on hand.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Online Card Purchases?

With Cards for Causes, you can select from UPS three-day, two-day or overnight shipping to locations all over the United States and Canada. International shipping is also available. The quick turn-around time of three to four working days before shipment will keep you on track with a timely thank you to your special guests.

Can I Avoid Sending Thank You Cards?

Even bridezilla shouldn’t abandon the tradition of sending thank you notes to bridal shower guests and wedding attendees. Generically signing the cards before the day of the event can help with time management and keep your hand from cramping. Customize your interior message to make the card still seem personal.

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Wedding Wishes: What to Write in a Wedding Card

If you're one of the lucky ones on the invite list, one of the best ways to say thank you is to write a heartfelt personal note to the couple. Though there are countless options out there for beautifully written and designed wedding cards, what you write inside is the most meaningful. Don't know what to say? Here are some suggestions for practically every matrimonial situation — a crash course in how to craft the perfect personal note.

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Appreciation cards are an important way to tell someone they did good. Make sure to give some thought into how you say thank you as they did in the gift or service they gave you. Maybe custom greeting cards are worth considering too. They are a way of taking time and giving thought without overdoing it and even potentially showing up your gift. However you say thank you though, let these tips help your feelings and appreciation show!



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