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Get Well Cards

Get well cards are simple gestures that mean so much to someone who has become isolated due to an illness or injury. A card reminds people that you care and can help encourage them to look forward to better days. Whether it is for an employee, associate or business partner, it only takes a minute to send a thoughtful message that brightens someone’s day. It also lets the recipient know that you value your relationship with him or her.

Themes to Suit Your Image

We have a great selection of get well greeting cards to help you offer support to a sick friend, boost the spirits of a co-worker, or put a smile on the face of a client or associate. Finding a card in keeping with your company image is an important consideration, and we offer a variety of themes, including these:

  • Casual and Funny: For a well-known associate or a down-to-earth business, our Sick as a Dog card depicts a cute canine with an ice pack on his head. Other choices include a homey “Soup for the Soul” or “Yellow Daisy” card.
  • Friendly and Caring: Nothing says “friendly” like flowers, and we have several in this category. Some get well cards feature butterflies, balloons and confetti too.
  • Smart and Professional: For those who wish to maintain a particular image, formal greeting cards are a good option. Choose from cards that feature elegant colors, geometric patterns and lettering that represents your business style.

If your company is big on all things green, our recycled card is another opportunity for you to show support for environmental concerns. Its theme includes colorful birds roosting in trees.

Keep Some On Hand

Custom get well cards are one of our specialties, and you can include a personal, imprinted message on whatever card you choose. Plus, for those times when “get well” is not the right sentiment, we also provide simple “Thinking of You” and blank cards for your message. Browse our collection of get well cards and place an order today, so you have these thoughtful items on hand should the need arise.