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The new coronavirus has caused a global health crisis. Let your professional and personal contacts know that you are thinking about them and sending well-wishes their way by selecting greeting cards that are designed especially for the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 epidemic. Choose from general greeting cards that state your support during this difficult time or select cards with covers that feature more a specific get well or sympathy message. Write a custom message to have printed inside every card in a bulk order or select a preset message that is appropriate for every recipient on your mailing list.



COVID19 Cards FAQs

How do I order cards for the COVID-19 epidemic?

Place a bulk order for get well and sympathy cards for recipients who have been affected by the new coronavirus. Choose from updated card designs that reflect the ongoing status of this global health crisis. Similar personal and business sympathy cards may also be suitable to send at this time.

Which cards are appropriate for the new coronavirus?

Choose from several styles of COVID greeting cards expressing solidarity and support. Get well cards or sympathy cards may be better choices, depending on the circumstances of an individual, family, household or business. Businesses and personal senders may want to order several types of cards appropriate for this difficult time.

What do I write in a COVID-19 card?

The message of COVID sympathy cards may vary depending on the circumstances of recipients. Greeting cards designed to be sent at this time usually express the sender’s support and regards for recipients during this health crisis. Customize the inside of cards with a personal message or your preferred preset message.

Should I send get well and sympathy cards?

Send cards that correspond to recipients’ circumstances. If the addressee or one or more people in their household or business are suffering from the new coronavirus, you may prefer to send a get well card. Most COVID sympathy greeting cards have messages similar to those found in business sympathy cards.

Can I order business and personal sympathy cards?

A business or personal sender can order greeting cards that are suitable to send during the COVID-19 epidemic as well as other varieties of sympathy cards. Browse card designs by cover and select a card with the right image and message for recipients on a professional or personal contact list.


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