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Instructions for downloading our banners and adding them to your website and your email:

  1. Choose which size banner you would like to use from our choices below.

  2. Right-click on the banner (CTRL + click for MAC).

  3. Select "Save As" and save the GIF banner to the appropriate folder on your website.

  4. Place the banner on your web page in the location where you would like it to be displayed.

  5. Link the banner to the URL provided (below the banner). This will ensure that when someone clicks the banner on your website, they will be brought to the appropriate linked page.

  6. Test the banner on your web page to ensure it goes to the designated link.

  7. Call us at 1-888-832-4153 with any questions.


125 x 125 pixels:

234 x 60 pixels:

240 x 120 pixels:

120 x 240 pixels: