New York

New York Holiday Cards That Benefit Charity
Support your favorite city and charity when you buy New York Christmas cards from Cards for Causes. We will personalize each card with your unique message or business name. We will donate 20 percent of the purchase price of your New York City holiday cards to the charitable cause of your choice. Choose New York holiday cards depicting Central Park, Rockefeller Center or the Big Apple skyline in winter. Consider our fabulous NYC Christmas card created by American artist Tina Cobelle-Sturges to celebrate the city’s famous landmarks. We can imprint your organization or company logo. We can imprint the text of your choice on the envelopes. We can even imprint your handwritten signature on each personalized New York City Christmas card. Select from our collection of stylish fonts and colorful inks or embossed foil imprints. Choose a charity that benefits the arts, education, the environment, community causes, the military or nonprofit international programs. If you don’t see the name of your favorite local charitable cause listed, just click on our “submit a cause” feature. We will include a message describing the donation made possible by your purchase of our unique NYC season’s greetings from Cards for Causes.