How to Use Business Thanksgiving Cards

Jun 9th 2022

How to Use Business Thanksgiving Cards

Receiving business Thanksgiving cards is less likely than getting the traditional holiday cards companies send around Christmas. Using thanksgiving cards for business is a way to double down on recognition and gratitude for customers, employees, and business connections. In a world where you can’t say thank you enough, adding in a little extra appreciation on the actual holiday dedicated to it seems like a no-brainer. Buying thanksgiving cards bulk will help you reach everyone on your contact list without going over budget. Follow along for tips on how to use Thanksgiving cards this year.


Thanksgiving is an exceptionally short holiday. Unlike December leading into January, the Thanksgiving holiday really only lasts one actual day. It could be stretched out to a week with diligent planning, but even schools keep students in session until the Wednesday before the holiday as a standard practice. In addition to holiday delays, the postal service is also operating on pandemic delay because of the Coronavirus. For these reasons, it is imperative that you carefully plan to send your business Thanksgiving cards so that they will arrive beforehand promptly.


Begin planning at the beginning of November. Make your contact list and gather addresses. Choose cards and appropriate designs. Customize any messages that you wish to include. Plan to have cards in transit by the 10th. This gives you almost two weeks to finalize the cards and have them in the mail. It also provides the postal service nearly two weeks to deliver the cards to your recipients before Thanksgiving.


Using Thanksgiving cards for business can also be a straightforward extension of your brand. All marketing teams know that branding is created to be versatile. Have your design team outlook back at the palettes and images that coincide with your brand’s lookbook. Using these design elements, choose Thanksgiving cards that complement and extend your branding.


You might as well reconcile that even if your card is a cheery offering of gratitude and thanks, you should still likely mention the pandemic. Acknowledging the overwhelming hardships that customers, employees, and connections have endured over the past two years can help soothe hurt feelings and build deeper bonds. Empathy goes a long way when holidays look and feel different than they used to.


Buying Thanksgiving cards bulk means you can send cards to everyone in your contact list without going over budget. A person in accounting might wonder why you are choosing to send both Thanksgiving and Christmas cards this year. The answer is simple; people perform better when they are appreciated. Taking the opportunity to express your gratitude twice will solidify your standing with employees. Save money while saving turnover rates.

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Should I include any notices for upcoming holiday sales in my business Thanksgiving cards?

Up to you. Many customers do not include sale notices or coupons in their Thanksgiving card orders because they don’t want the cards to feel too salesy. However, if you feel strongly about a promotion, customization is available to meet your needs. 

Should I be concerned about the impact of using so much paper?

Of course. We are also committed to a more sustainable future. Our products are proudly made in the USA, and 20% of every purchase is donated to a charity of your choice. We offer a long list of environmental charities that you can give back to. 

What should Thanksgiving cards for business say?

Whatever you want. All of our cards are completely customizable. You can choose from preset messages that are relevant to the holiday or occasion. You can also choose to include your own message. Many customers take this opportunity to express gratitude for the previous year.

If I forget some people on my list, can I go back later and add more cards?

Yes. You can always order whatever you want, whenever you want, from wherever you are on our convenient online ordering platform. However, ordering Thanksgiving cards bulk will save money. A different approach might be to buy more than you need so that you have a few extra. 

Since Thanksgiving is a time-sensitive holiday, will Cards for Causes be able to work with my timeframe?

Yes! We understand that the business world is busy. We offer timely shipping with just a two to five-day turnaround. Planning and ordering in advance will also help you mitigate any delays with the postal service. Contact us if you have a special timeframe.

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