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Most types of greeting cards are set apart by the art or image and message that appear on the cover. Business and personal senders factor in the appearance of covers when selecting cards that have a Christmas, holiday or seasonal design and message or greetings for other occasions. It is possible to customize the message that appears inside of most card designs. For more personalized cards, design photo cards or another style featuring a customizable cover. Compare cover messages and images to select the best card for any occasion or get ideas for pairing your own photo with a message.


By Message/Art FAQs

How do I customize the message and art of a card order?

Select greeting cards from a variety of categories or search for cards of any style. Choosing cards with pre-set cover designs and Christmas card messages is the easiest and most affordable way to order any quantity of cards. It is also possible to customize the cover of a card design.

What are some of the best selling card messages and designs?

The most popular types of greeting cards vary based on the sender. Businesses tend to send customer appreciation cards and cards with business Christmas card messages, while personal senders send many other types of cards. Most greeting card messages and styles of art are suitable for personal or professional senders.

How can I get unique greeting cards?

Select a stylized card or a card design with a less-common theme. Specialized personal or professional cards may be more likely to make an impression. You should also choose a card message and design that are relevant to you as a sender and that you think will resonate with recipients.

Which styles of card art are available?

You can order greeting cards for any occasion with practically any theme. In addition to a large selection of animated and photographic card designs, you can also select cards that have a stylized cover. Christmas, holiday and seasonal cards often feature festive designs such as ornaments, snowmen or Santa Claus.

What do you write inside a Christmas card?

The messages in most Christmas cards express the well-wishes of the sender to the recipient and their family during the holiday season. Some personal and professional senders prefer funny Christmas card messages that reveal more of their personality and make a positive impression on recipients that is immediate and lasting.


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