Funny Thank You Cards

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Why Funny Thank You Cards?

Saying thanks can be easy. Writing a Thank You Card can be hard. Writing a funny thank you card can make things easier for the writer. It can also take the awkwardness out of receiving thanks. Humor is a great way to solidify relationships, and build on shared experience. So when you need to say thank you to someone, don’t be afraid to consider a funny thank you card.

It’s All Business, But Have A Laugh For Free

Outside of family, work is one of the most common shared experiences people can have. There’s plenty of opportunity for humorous business thank you cards, you just have to find the right one. A message of “Thanks for the Memories” in 8 bit font and an image of a circuit board can make for a funny IT related thank you. “You are one in a Melon!” with an image of a watermelon wedge can work in most business situations. The key for funny thank you cards for business is know your audience, what humor they appreciate, and would they appreciate humor at all.

This Time, It’s Personal

Cards For Causes cards are customizable, and custom thank you cards can add a personal touch to an already personal moment when saying thanks. Your name in print will give an added dimension to a thoughtful gesture considering the time and expense taken to make and send a thank you to someone. Whether for their business, their help, or just for their friendship, a custom thank you card can make a wonderful impression.

And never forget, Cards for Causes gives a percentage of card cost any one of many charities to choose from!