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Why Funny Thank You Cards?

Saying thanks can be easy. Writing a Thank You Card can be hard. Writing a funny thank you card can make things easier for the writer. It can also take the awkwardness out of receiving thanks. Humor is a great way to solidify relationships, and build on shared experience. So when you need to say thank you to someone, don’t be afraid to consider a funny thank you card.

It’s All Business, But Have A Laugh For Free

Outside of family, work is one of the most common shared experiences people can have. There’s plenty of opportunity for humorous business thank you cards, you just have to find the right one. A message of “Thanks for the Memories” in 8 bit font and an image of a circuit board can make for a funny IT related thank you. “You are one in a Melon!” with an image of a watermelon wedge can work in most business situations. The key for funny thank you cards for business is know your audience, what humor they appreciate, and would they appreciate humor at all.

This Time, It’s Personal

Cards For Causes cards are customizable, and custom thank you cards can add a personal touch to an already personal moment when saying thanks. Your name in print will give an added dimension to a thoughtful gesture considering the time and expense taken to make and send a thank you to someone. Whether for their business, their help, or just for their friendship, a custom thank you card can make a wonderful impression.

And never forget, Cards for Causes gives a percentage of card cost any one of many charities to choose from!


Funny Thank You Cards FAQs

How to write funny thank you cards for a wedding?

Weddings can be filled with amusing anecdotes, but always be careful regarding humor at another wedding guests expense. Self-deprecating humor is always impressive, but reflecting on situations will often be the wisest course. Remember a relatable detail that includes the receiver, perhaps explaining how you would have been lost without their help on that special day. Or express the value of their gift in humorous terms, how it came in handy at just the right moment recently.

What to write in a funny thank you card?

Always remember the basis of all humor, shared experience. When writing a thank you card, make sure to insert a moment relating to what you are thanking the receiver for. What happened, or was said, that was humorous about the situation or object? Draw on the shared experience when saying thank you. 

Can you write something funny in a thank you card for work?

Work is one of the most common shared experiences of all. Humorous anecdotes relating to specific assignments, a moment where you or the receiver had a mishap (avoid humor at the expense of anyone not involved in the thank you), laugh out loud moments in the break room, as well as the ubiquitous theme of company meetings can all bring moments of workplace humor to a thank you card. Funny business cards can be a great moment to build camaraderie and morale at work.

What to put in a funny thank you card?

Humorous imagery can add to a funny thank you card, for example a pun with a slice of watermelon and the caption, “You are one in a melon!” Or an image relating to work; eg for lawyers, a judge ruling in a courtroom, “We find you guilty! Of being awesome!” Funny thank you card sayings will always put the receiver in a positive light, while reflecting the humor of a given situation.

What to write that's funny in a thank you card for a teacher?

Education is a realm where opportunities for thanks and gratitude abound, and funny thank you cards can play extremely well. Images of chaotic classrooms, class sessions with well-meaning incorrect answers to questions, test or homework grading all lend themselves to humorous moments in which to insert thanks for all the teacher has put up with, dealt with and done for the sender of the card.



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