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Attention to detail can be a huge bonus for your customer base when they receive professional thank you cards from your business. Bulk thank you cards can be ordered to decrease the cost of each individual card and give you a substantial amount of cards so you always have one ready to mail. You can order in quantities of 25 or more and the interior of the card can be personalized with a custom message, your business logo and handwritten signatures. Each order sends 20 percent of the proceeds to the charity of your choice, which you can also tell your customers about on the interior of your bulk thank you cards


Bulk Thank You Cards FAQs

How do I order bulk thank you cards?

Once you choose a design on the thank you cards page, click on the image and it will take you to the ordering page where you can choose the number of cards you want. Bulk orders are available in quantities of 25.

What designs are available to choose from?

There are various design options available to order from Cards For Causes. You can find simple typography, fancy lettering, photographs or graphics on the front of the cards. You're sure to find something to match the aesthetic of your business brand.

Can I order custom thank you cards?

Thank you cards can be customized with a personalized message, business logo and signatures. If you want to stand out to your customers, this can be an amazing way to show them you care about their business.

When should I send thank you cards?

If you're sending a thank you after a meeting, you want to send it by the next day so it's fresh in the mind of your client. Customers who make large purchases should be appreciated with a thank you card as soon as possible after the transaction. Any time you send a card, it boosts your brand loyalty by making your customers and clients feel special.

What should I write in a business thank you?

Get specific to make your customer feel appreciated and let them know you are paying attention to how they are helping your business grow.

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