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There are many ways to tell your friends and family members how much you care about them during the Christmas season. One of the easiest and most effective ways of spreading cheer is by purchasing and sending out holiday cards. By taking your time to select the perfect cards for your loved ones, you can go above and beyond with a simple gesture that warms the heart. Find the right style for your needs by exploring these options.

A Whimsical Season

Christmas is a very magical time of year. The days might be short and cold, but that also lends itself to the mood of the season. From snow to soft lights, many bulk holiday cards feature simple, whimsical imagery to help capture the mood that floats through the air each December. A card depicting a snowy field is a great style to select because it is general enough to work for everyone on your list and still able to capture the season in a perfectly simple manner.

Corporate Considerations

Sending cards to members of your company can be tricky for some business owners. While you may not want to be as personal with the message as you are with family members, corporate holiday cards should still touch upon the power of the season and the important roles your employees play in the success of your business. This can be a design that is very simple and states “happy holidays” in a festive font or a card featuring the image of a puppy or a kitten wearing a Santa hat and looking absolutely adorable.

No matter what style you decide to use for your holiday cards, Cards for Causes will donate 20% of the proceeds to a charity of your choice. This means that you have the opportunity to assist those in need this Christmas season while also finding a beautiful card to send to the people you care about.


Happy Holidays Cards FAQs

How can I order bulk holiday cards?

It is easy to order holiday cards in bulk with Cards for Causes. Simply pick the style of card you would like and then select how many you would like to order. You will save by placing bulk orders, so it may be economical to order more and stock up.

When should I order holiday cards?

Make sure you order your cards in time for the holidays. Most people agree that any time after Thanksgiving is acceptable to send a holiday card, so it can better to err on the side of caution and order earlier. Make sure you have time to receive, address and send your cards.

Who should I send corporate holiday cards to?

Sending holiday cards to various people you have business relationships can be a great idea. Sending cards to clients demonstrates that you are think of them at this time. Business partners also often exchange holiday cards as a thank your for continued partnership. Employees may also appreciate being sent holiday cards.

What messages are good for corporate holiday cards?

As with all business communication, it is often best to stick with a message that appeals broadly to many kinds of people. It is important to pick a message that does not exclude any clients or partners while remaining happy and celebratory. Try to fit the season and include everyone possible.

Why should my business send holiday cards?

It is customary for many business to send holiday cards. Sending a card demonstrates thought and attention to the person receiving the card. Clients will appreciate being thought of during the holiday season and business partners will know they are continually valued. Employees will also be grateful to receive a holiday greeting.


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