Recycled Christmas Cards

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More consumers and businesses are interested in ordering greeting cards made of recycled or sustainably sourced materials. Recycling Christmas cards can also be a natural choice for disposal services. Shop a selection of customizable eco-friendly Christmas, holiday and seasonal greetings.

Recycled Card Materials

A growing number of card designs are printed on post-consumer recyclable, pre-consumer reclaimed or sustainable materials. Some recycled paper Christmas cards also use ink safe for recycling to print cover designs and interior messages. Check to see whether envelopes are unlined or lined, which may affect the ability of packing material to be recycled.

Depending on your priorities, you may prefer to send FSC 100%, Recycled or Mix cards. All of these options are more sustainable and generate less waste than cards made of either non-certified or virgin materials. Cards that consist entirely of recycled material or that mix a substantial percentage of recycled material in with new material can lower the carbon footprint of card production.

Sustainable Greeting Cards

Professionals in any field and individual senders may prefer to send greeting cards made of recycled or sustainable materials. Depending on the nature of your business, you may prefer one type of card over the other. Forestry or renewable energy professionals, for instance, might prefer to send FSC 100% cards that only consist of pulp sourced from certified forests. Waste disposal services may be more interested in cards that consist entirely or partly of recycled materials.

When it comes to recycling Christmas cards, it is important to factor in the composition of the stock, ink and premium card and envelope materials such as foil liners. The choices you make in terms of card design can help to reduce unnecessary waste. In addition to the card design you choose, you can also promote an environmental charity by sending cards. Select a registered tax-deductible organization to receive 20% of the purchase price of cards and include a charity line in each card.



Recycled / FSC FAQs

How do I order environmentally responsible Christmas cards?

Browse a full selection of greeting cards made out of recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Check to see whether cards are printed on sustainable paper, recycled material or a mix of recycled, certified FSC or controlled wood. Customize card interiors and donate 20% of order cost to your chosen charity.

What indicates that cards are made of recycled material?

Every card categorized as recycled or FSC consists of some sustainable or recycled material. Check the description of a particular card design to determine which FSC label applies to the stock. FSC 100% paper prioritizes forest sustainability, while recycled and mixed material cards contain post-consumer recycled or pre-consumer reclaimed materials.

Can I donate a portion of card cost to an environmental charity?

Select any registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization to receive 20% of the cost of a card order. If you are interested in sending recycled charity Christmas cards, consider giving to a conservation, environmental or wildlife charity. Include a charity line inside cards to raise awareness of a cause.

What are FSC cards?

The Forest Stewardship Council is an organization that works to preserve forestland and promote sustainable forestry. Paper products labeled FSC 100% are exclusively sourced from forests certified by the council. FSC Recycled products consist entirely of recycled materials, whereas FSC Mix contains at least some sustainable, recycled or reclaimed material.

Are greeting cards recyclable?

Some greeting cards can be recycled. The two major factors for recycling Christmas cards are card materials and the type of ink used to print cards. Check to see whether your favorite card is recyclable. Sending cards made of sustainable or recycled material can help to minimize your environmental footprint.


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