Christmas Thank You Cards

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Whether you’re an independent contractor or a multi-national company, showing appreciation to customers is a savvy way to do business. The holiday season is the natural time for businesses, as well as individuals, to express gratefulness to those you depend on. Cards for Causes has a selection of beautiful Christmas thank you cards to help you do just that.

Show Customer Appreciation

Whether you have one client or many customers, it’s always a good idea to thank them for doing business with you. It benefits your image, as well as your bottom line. Choose from several sentiments, including simple messages of “Heartfelt Thanks From Us to You.”

Acknowledge Business Partners

Sometimes partners are clients, and sometimes you’re the client of another business. However you slice up the pie, you’re helping each other in some way. Maintain a sense of unity and camaraderie by acknowledging their efforts with Christmas thank you cards that include a message such as “… to those who have made our progress possible.”

Boost Employee Morale

It can be a big morale booster when you say thanks to employees. It generates goodwill by acknowledging their contributions to the company and its success and makes it more likely they will continue to work hard for you. You can select from multiple warm wishes in boxed Christmas thank you cards.

Thank Family and Friends

Businesses and individuals who have faced some difficulty during the year can express gratitude for the help of family, friends and others with cards such as our Grateful Glow Christmas Card. Featuring a snow-covered tree glowing with lights, it combines thanks with a holiday greeting.

Customize Your Cards

At Cards for Causes, you can customize Christmas thank you cards with a personal message imprinted inside. Browse our selection for a card that speaks to you and lets you speak to your customers. Custom Christmas thank you cards are easy to create with our helpful online ordering process.



Christmas Thank You Cards FAQs

What to write in a Christmas thank you card?

First, is the relationship between you and the recipient personal or professional? How close are the two of you? Is the thank you for a gift, an invite to a party you went to, or just for their friendship during the holidays? What does the person mean to you, and what did they do during the holidays that you are thankful for. Answer those questions and what to write will come.

And don’t forget the religion, there is no reason there can’t Christian Christmas thank you cards. Expressing gratitude and recognizing kindness can be very important to believers, particularly during the holidays. 

How to write a thank you card for Christmas gifts?

If “Thank you for the wonderful gift, I really appreciate it” is too generic, break down what the person who gave you the gift giver means to you, as well as the gift itself. “I really appreciate your thoughtful gift, and I appreciate you” can be very warm and personal. If it’s business, a more generic thank you should suffice, though inserting enjoying work and the working relationship wouldn’t cross any lines. Be sincere when writing Christmas thank you cards, and the message will be fine.

Do you send thank you cards for Christmas gifts?

It’s generally considered polite to send thank you cards for gifts, within four weeks, and if you haven’t thanked the giver face-to-face. Though there is nothing wrong in waiting to personally thank someone, if it’s not going to be too long before you see them. But Christmas thank you cards are always nice.

How long to send thank you cards after Christmas?

Four weeks. If the postmark is after January, it feels more like an afterthought than a thank you.

How to word thank you cards to employees at Christmas?

In a Christmas card thank you for employees, a generic wish for happy holidays can suffice. But employer thanks will never hurt if appreciation for employees hard work, or a message for a wish for success for everyone in the next year. Recognition of their contribution, will always be remembered by employees.

What Do You Say in a Christmas Thank You Card?

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to thank others for what they bring to your life. When writing Christmas thank you cards to family or friends, be specific about how they supported you during the year and how it helped, or reference any gifts and how you are using them.

How Should I Thank Customers?

For businesses, relationships are key to a long and successful enterprise. Depending on your business, a Christmas thank you message to customers can offer a simple thanks for their patronage or for choosing to work with you. Follow it up with a straightforward holiday message that fits your style.

How Do I Choose a Christmas Card?

Christmas cards can say a lot about your business or personality, and there is something for everyone at Cards for Causes. Professional firms may prefer an elegant script and graphic, while personal services and home-town businesses can opt for a warm holiday scene. Complete the picture with a heartfelt sentiment inside.

Can I Personalize a Card?

Yes, of course you can! We have a variety of verses you can choose from for the card interior, or you can type in one of your own, then add a company name, logo and signature line. We also provide the option for a personal message or address on the envelope.

Should I Give Employees a Christmas Card?

Employees generally welcome notes of thanks from the company or a supervisor. Christmas thank you cards are a wonderful way to boost employee morale and make workers feel that you have noticed and appreciate their hard work throughout the year. Customizing the message can make your card stand out in their minds.

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