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Realtors and other real estate professionals can send new home Christmas cards to select clients. Choose the perfect design for recipients on any mailing list from a selection of card covers that feature artistic representations of homes and associated items such as house keys or tools. Some cover messages are ideal for clients who have recently listed, purchased or remodeled homes. Other cards are suitable for a wide range of senders, including handyman or maintenance services, home improvement specialists or property management professionals. Find out how to get bulk Christmas cards with the best design for business or professional contacts.

Get in the Holiday Spirit with Christmas Greeting Cards for Causes!

Christmas cards help businesses connect with clients at a time when connection matters most. Christmas is the season of giving, and the New Year waits around the corner, offering a fresh sense of purpose and possibility. When you order custom Christmas cards from Cards for Causes, we donate 20% of your purchase price to a charity of your choice. You can select a cause you care about from our database of over 700 charitable organizations or add a charity that’s not yet on our list.

Custom Christmas Cards: Quality, Value, and a Good Cause

We pride ourselves on high-quality Christmas greeting cards that achieve your marketing goals and give back to the communities that matter to you. Personalized Christmas cards know no limits at Cards for Causes. You can any custom message to the inside of your cards, and our photo Christmas cards allow you to add a picture related to your business to the front of the card design you choose.

Order Personalized Greeting Cards Quickly and Easily

When you order custom Christmas greeting cards from us, we work with you to make sure the customization is exactly to your liking. Once you’ve approved your design, we mail the cards and envelopes to you so that you can add signatures and handwritten notes before sending them out.

Year in and year out, Christmas brings an economic boom across the United States and beyond. You don’t want to miss out, so it’s never too early to start planning your Christmas marketing strategy. Christmas greeting cards are a timeless tradition, and they provide an authentic, personalized touch that wins over customers and clients in every industry. There’s no better way to support your favorite charity during the holidays than giving your marketing a unique boost that makes clients take notice.

What Should I Write in a Christmas Greeting Card?

  • "May your Christmas be filled with peace, joy, and family fun."
  • "This Christmas, make memories that will last a lifetime."
  • "Merry Christmas, and don't start the party without me!"
  • "May your holiday season shine as brightly as your Christmas lights."
  • "Raise a glass to another year of health, happiness, and holidays spent with the ones we love."

When Should I Order Christmas Cards?

Send out your Christmas cards to friends and family 2-3 weeks before Christmas day. A good way to do it is to send out Christmas cards during the first week of December to avoid your cards getting there too early or too late.

Why You Should Send Christmas Cards?

  1. Christmas cards provide a material thing people can touch.
  2. Writing things by hand makes things more personal in the digital age
  3. Christmas cards can be kept for years as keepsakes
  4. Everyone likes seeing a nice piece of mail instead of just another bill
  5. Christmas cards keep you connected to friends and family
  6. People display Christmas cards in their home which make the season more festive

WHAT IS THE SIZE OF A CHRISTMAS GREETING CARD? What is the Size of a Christmas Greeting Card?

Here are standard greeting card sizes:

  • A7 card - Dimensions: 5" x 7" - The Golden Ratio - matches an A7 envelope
  • A6 card - Dimensions: 4.5" x 5.75" - matches an A6 envelope
  • A9 card - Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5" - Called Half Folds - matches an A9 envelope
  • A1 card - Dimensions: 3.5" x 5" - Mostly used for Thank You cards - matches an A1 envelope
  • More details on this infographic

What do you Write in an Office Christmas Card?

  • May your holiday season be festive and fun.
  • Thanks for an amazing year! Wishing you a great holiday season and a fantastic New Year!
  • Thanks for being a great boss. I hope you get to relax this holiday season and see you in the New Year.
  • You make working here so much fun. Now you have a fun holiday!
  • Happy holidays to a great team member and friend—looking forward to doing great work together in the New Year.
  • Browse our selection of Business Christmas Cards

What Do You Write in a Business Christmas Card?

  • Thank you for all your hard work
  • Looking forward to working with you next year
  • Doing business with you is a pleasure

How Do You Write a Professional Holiday Card?

  • Thanks for being a great boss
  • A co-worker like you makes the holidays special
  • Your hard work is so appreciated here
  • Thank you for your business and support

What is the Best Message for Christmas?

  • May the holiday bring you the greatest joy
  • Christmas is a time to tell those we love how we feel
  • Warm thoughts and best wishes this Christmas and for the New Year

What Should I Say in a Christmas Card?

  • Peace, Love, Joy
  • Blessings to you and yours and Merry Christmas
  • Wishing you all the best this Christmas and New Year

How Do You End A Holiday Card?

  • Love
  • Wishing you joy
  • All the best
  • Blessings this joyous season

When is the Best Time to Start Sending Out Christmas Cards?

Try to start sending out your cards the first week of December to avoid the holiday rush!

How do I order new home Christmas cards

Choose your favorite card cover design from a selection of Christmas and holiday cards that have new home themes. Select an order quantity of 25 or more cards and customize the interior of every card with a custom message or template, business logo, signature, printed sender name and charity line.

What are some popular new home holiday cards?

Some of the most popular holiday cards intended for home buyers feature Christmas, holiday or season’s greetings messages and are accessories with depictions of tools, keys and other items associated with home ownership. Other covers portray residences with holiday decor as a wrapped present or inside a snowglobe-style Christmas ornament.

Can I customize business Christmas card covers?

Some greeting card covers leave room to print a company name or are die cut to reveal a logo inside. A realtor or home improvement service can also customize the cover and interior of photo Christmas cards for a mailing list. Select your favorite design for personalized boxed Christmas cards.

Are non-seasonal new home greeting cards available?

Some cards with new home cover themes are suitable for any time of year. Cards with a “Home Sweet Home” cover message that do not have festive designs are ideal for any recipient throughout the year. Other cards commemorate stages of the buying and selling process without a holiday motif.

What message should go in new home Christmas cards?

The cover message on greeting cards for new home buyers sets the tone for a card. A card order should include an interior message that corresponds to the cover message. Choose from templates with Christmas, holiday or seasonal messages or create a custom message to thank clients for their business.

What's The Best Time of Year to Send Christmas Cards?
What's The Best Time of Year to Send Christmas Cards?

In November and December, it's especially important to keep an eye on your mailbox. Christmas cards start streaming in from friends and family near and far, so it's a good idea not to let that stack of envelopes pile up too high. When it's time to send out holiday cards of your own, you want to make sure they arrive to your recipients at the perfect time. Christmas cards that arrive before t...

9 Unique and Creative Christmas Greetings
9 Unique and Creative Christmas Greetings

Christmas cards are a big deal. Everyone sends them at some point during the holiday season, so they’re all trying to make their cards more creative and memorable than the last. What can you write in your cards to make them stand out above the rest? “Merry Christmas” and “Season’s Greetings” are fine for beginners, but how can you become a legend of Christmas cards? How can you knock people’s s...



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