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Business Valentine Cards, Really?

Why not? Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration of love, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cannot also be a day for appreciation. Company wide expressions of appreciation for the hard work of employees, the loyalty of clients and customers, the reliability of vendors and suppliers are more than appropriate. Business Valentine’s Day cards can be humorous with references to chocolate and wine, pets, or even a wink at HR. And a simple, straightforward Happy Valentine’s Day business card can recognize the holiday while providing you with yet another opportunity to connect with clients or customers.

Celebrate Relationships

When writing your business Valentine cards acknowledge how important the recipient is to your business’ success. Let them be a part of it, while anticipating an even more prosperous future. Maintain your connection. With Cards For Causes customizable cards, it is within your power to say exactly how you feel. Grow your business and make your business Valentine card recipients a part of that growth.



Valentine's Day Cards FAQs

What Should I Say in A Valentines Day Card?

For your significant other, tell them how they make you feel. Remember that first time you met, recall special moments in your relationship and say you want to make more. Hint at special plans you have for holiday, tell them how long you’ve been waiting for this moment. Use that special nickname only you are allowed to use. Celebrate the love that you share, and what it means to you.

What do you Write in a Valentines Card to a Coworker?

Wish them a happy day while letting them know how much you appreciate working with them. Humorously mention HR vigilance while wishing them a “Happy Mid-February Day!”

How do you Wish Valentine?

Traditionally you ask that special someone, “Will you be my Valentine?” A “Happy Valentine!” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” is typical across the board.

What are some Valentne Words?

Feeling - Love, Happy, Excited, Warm, Sexy, Safe Food and Drink - Chocolate, Wine, Candy, CHOCOLATE More Feeling - Desire, Giddy, Frisky Nicknames - Love, beloved, dear, dearest, dove, sweetheart, sweetie, baby, babe, babs, bae, hunny bunny, bella, beau, sugar Flowers - Rose, roses, bouquet of roses Calendar - February, Valentine’s Day, Mid-February Day Colors - Red, pink, RED

What do you Respond to Happy Valentine's Day?

For just anyone, “Happy Valentine’s to you too!” or a simple “Thank you!” For that special someone, see above!


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