Insurance Christmas Cards

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Customize a set of insurance Christmas cards to show appreciation for policyholders during the winter holiday season. During this busy time of year, it can be a good idea to send out cards to new and existing customers. This thoughtful gesture is a demonstration of the principle that you will be there for clients and customers.

Cards for Insurance Agencies

Insurance agents, agencies and companies can all send Christmas cards with insurance themes. These cards often have lighthearted animated or humorous designs and happy holidays messages that are perfect for every recipient on your mailing list. Make sure to order a sufficient quantity of cards to touch base with policyholders and other important professional contacts.
Whether you choose to send Christmas cards or cards with a broader message and design during the winter holiday season, you may also want to buy other bulk greeting cards, such as business birthday cards, to send at other times of year. Insurers often have access to data that is helpful for sending timely cards, even in the event that an insured party has occasion to file a claim.

Funny Insurance Christmas Cards

Insurance agents often find that policyholders respond well to receiving humorous holiday cards. Insurance policies can be complicated and the occasions when it is necessary to make a claim are often serious. A lighthearted greeting can be the perfect way to check in with many contacts on your agency’s mailing list. In some cases, a more serious style of holiday card may be preferable.

Many funny card designs feature festive themes and color schemes. You can also choose artistic or stylized cards that express your best wishes for a happy holiday season to recipients. Depending on the type of insurance you provide, you may want to order multiple styles of greeting cards. Having bulk cards on hand makes it easier to stay in touch with valued customers and business contacts.


Insurance FAQs

Where can I get insurance Christmas cards?

Place an order for 25 or more of any Christmas, holiday or seasonal card design. Choose cards that pair insurance-themed artwork with an industry-specific cover message. You may have the option to add the name of your agency to some bulk card cover designs and can customize the inside of any card.

Can I customize insurance greeting card covers?

Personalize the covers of selected insurance greeting card designs with the name of your agency. Even if you select a cover design that does not offer this feature, you can still customize card interiors with a message, agency photo or logo, signatures, a printed sender name and a charity line.

How do I make holiday cards for an insurance company?

Insurance agencies and company owners can completely customize greeting cards or put finishing touches on a preset design. Insurance company Christmas cards may display the name of an agency or company on the cover or inside of cards, along with either a custom or selected preset message and sender information.

Do insurance agents send holiday cards to policyholders?

Bulk cards provide an affordable way for an insurance agency or company to send cards to all policyholders. Professionals who send holiday and seasonal cards yearly tend to choose designs that reflect the values that they share with recipients. Browse a full selection of happy holidays and season’s greetings cards.

What are the most popular insurance Christmas cards?

The most popular card designs for insurance agencies feature animated cartoon scenes and stylized depictions of the season. Choose a card that portrays Santa Claus and his reindeer and other winter animals outside a storefront, a seasonal ski slope design with a snowman or an illustration of a snow globe.


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