Medical Christmas Cards

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Health care and medical professionals can send medical themed Christmas cards to patients and recipients on other mailing lists. A well-chosen greeting card can make a positive impression on contacts and build lasting care relationships. When you order cards that offer the option to donate a portion of the purchase price to charity, you can do good to patients and support a worthy cause.

Christmas Cards for Medical Professionals

Doctors, nurses and medical professionals who specialize in any field or aspect of care can send holiday cards to patients. Taking the time to design cards that have cover designs and messages that reflect your regard for recipients can positively impact the interpersonal dynamics of a care relationship.

Select cards with well-designed cover artwork. Some designs have options for adding a line of custom text to covers, such as the name of a clinic or practice. You can also customize photographic Christmas cards and other cards with premium design features. No matter which cards you order, you can opt to donate 20% of the cost to any registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charity.

Holiday and Seasonal Medical Cards

Medical professionals may prefer to send medical Christmas cards or cards that have happy holidays or season’s greetings cover messages. As you prepare to order cards, be sure to consider your patients’ backgrounds. All of the cards in a bulk order are identical, and 25 cards is the minimum quantity for an order. You can save money and time by designing cards suitable for all of the recipients on your business mailing list.

Customize the inside of any bulk healthcare cards with a message you write or your choice of a preset template. For the best presentation, try to strike a similar sentiment to the message on card covers. You can also add a personal touch by adding a photo, logo, signature, printed sender identification and charity line to the interior of cards.



Medical FAQs

What is the best way to order medical themed Christmas cards?

Place an order for Christmas cards with a medical theme. Choose from cards designed for doctors, nurses, specialists and other experts. You can send bulk greeting cards to patients and recipients on other mailing lists. Customize the inside of greeting cards with a message, sender information and a charity line.

What are the best selling medical cards?

Medical professionals prefer to send cards that express their best wishes for patients or clients to have a healthy holiday season and new year. Depending on your area of specialization, you can send funny medical Christmas cards. Consider card cover design when you write or select a custom message template.

Can any medical professional order holiday cards

Any clinic or private practitioner may want to send a holiday or seasonal greeting with a medical theme. These cards have health-oriented messages suitable for any healthcare industry professional. Select a card cover design and customize the interior before specifying a charity to donate 20% of the card purchase cost.

How can I customize greeting card covers?

Select your favorite greeting card cover design. Most bulk medical cards do not have customizable covers, though some business greeting cards leave space to print the name of a doctor or medical practice on card covers. You can also send photo cards with clinic staff or a premium card design.

What should I write in medical themed Christmas cards?

The message you write in a bulk order of Christmas, happy holiday or season’s greeting cards should match with the imagery and text on the cover. You can write a custom message wishing patients or clients good health during the holidays. You can also extend well-wishes through the new year.


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