Pet Sympathy Cards

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Losing a loved one is a tough time in anyone’s life, and that includes the loss of a pet. For many, the grief is as real and sincere as the loss of a human family member. Because relatives and co-workers may not understand this deep bond, pet owners can often feel misunderstood and isolated. Pet sympathy cards can bring a bright spot to a grieving pet parent by letting them know they’re not alone. It is sometimes challenging to know what to say, so we’ve got some pointers for anyone who needs a little help getting started.

What to Say, What Not to Say

Grief is grief, so it’s always appropriate in pet sympathy cards to say something similar to what you would say about the loss of another person. For example, here are a few sentiments:

It’s also a good idea to know what not to say in pet condolences cards. Asking whether the pet owner plans to get another pet can seem insensitive by suggesting that the pet is replaceable. You may think you are sympathizing by bringing up a loss of your own, but this is also not encouraged, as it may seem that you are shifting the attention to yourself and minimizing the loss.

Get Customized Sentiments

At Cards for Causes, we offer several different animal sympathy cards and can imprint your custom message inside. Among your choices are our Paw Prints card, which features paw prints across a heart, as well as many others featuring both cats and dogs. Browse our pet sympathy cards for the design and sentiment that fits your style and encourage a grieving friend.