Making Your Business a Part of the Community

May 30th 2022

Making Your Business a Part of the Community

The month of May tends to place a larger spotlight on small businesses around the nation because of the National Small Business Week celebration. With small businesses being a vital part of the community, finding ways to engage in the community all year long (to both make your presence known and to demonstrate model citizenship) should be a priority for each business owner. From sending out small business thank you cards after purchases to sponsoring community events, there are a number of ways to get your small business involved in the community.

1. Become a Sponsor

Local schools are always looking for sponsors for their academic programs or events, and this a great way to get your small business involved in the heart of the community. Parents, relatives and friends often go to see children perform or take part in a sporting event, and being a sponsor gives your company visibility with just about every demographic in the community. Sponsors at or for community events usually get prime real estate in terms of displays, signage or spots on promotional materials.

2. Start a Skills or Product Workshop

If your business has a particular skill that can be taught or a product that can be easily demonstrated, consider hosting community workshops. Circulate your workshop through the local library or announce it through radio or television spots. If you run a landscape company, consider a DIY home landscaping workshop on a weeknight. For those who work in IT, conduct a cybersecurity awareness workshop. To secure long-term connection, send customized small business thank you cards to each attendee.

3. Donate To Local Charities

Many businesses use donations as a way to help with their year-end tax reporting, but small business owners can have a direct impact on the members of their community with charitable donations or services. If you run a restaurant or local diner, consider donating meals to a local battered women’s shelter. If you run a construction company, offer to install handicap ramps for elderly residents around town.

4. Join the Chamber of Commerce

Becoming a part of the local chamber of commerce gives you a chance to meet other local business owners. These meetings usually provide owners with news from around the community and offer insight or tools to grow their respective businesses. This is a great way to network with potential vendors but also gain an understanding of the needs of the community. You can even offer to host a meeting, though you should be sure to send thank you cards for small business owners who attended.

Where Should I Order Small Business Thank You Cards?

Online ordering from Cards for Causes is the most reliable way to order the perfect thank you card. You can choose from dozens of designs, carefully customizing your message to match your brand. Each option will demonstrate your company’s professional, caring relationships toward vendors, clients or other individuals.

Do Thank You Cards Need To Be Mailed?

While there is some debate with the etiquette experts over hand-delivering a thank you card vs mailing it, the choice is completely up to your company. If you will be more consistent including a thank you card with a purchase or delivery, you may want to avoid relying on mailed cards.

Who Should Sign the Thank You Cards for Small Business Owners?

If possible, it is best to have the business owner hand sign the thank you card and include a short note. A generic thank you card is still appreciated, but the personal touch of a message concerning the incident and an inked signature says a lot more about the time invested in the relationship.

Should Thank You Cards Match the Business Logo or Brand?

With the selection at Cards for Causes, you can choose from several color schemes and designs that compliment your business brand or logo. If you are sending thank you for your business cards where your brand is already well-known, matching the business stationery isn’t necessary.

How Often Should I Send Out Thank You Cards?

New customers, new partners or other new opportunities or meetings are definite thank you card occasions. After that, how often you want to send a card is up to you. Donations to your company, customer loyalty actions and other experiences could generate a thank you card in order to solidify the relationship in the future.

Getting involved in the community boosts your reputation and secures more business. Use Cards for Causes for all your business greeting card needs, and you will give your company year-round community visibility.

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