Should I send Christmas thank you cards?

Jan 14th 2020

Should I send Christmas thank you cards?

The holiday season is here and that means it is time for presents and parties. It is also time to express our gratitude towards others and to show them how much they mean to us. Many people are uncertain about when they should be sending thank-you notes. There are a few circumstances when doing so is important. So, read on and order your  bulk Christmas cards so you can be ready to send all your messages of gratitude.

1) Thank People Who You Work With Professionally and Personally

Chances are you work with someone people professionally or in some other capacity such as volunteering together. If there is anyone who significantly supports your success, send them a thank you message.

You can either mail these or hand-deliver them. However, if you are doing the latter, be discreet about it. If, for example, you are handing out  business Christmas cards at your work, you don’t want anyone to feel left out. A little caution can go a long way toward keeping your thankful messages as a purely positive experience.

2) Thank People Who Have Positively Impacted You Think Year

You may have received some help from someone or otherwise been positively impacted by them. For example, if someone helped you land a job or acted as your sounding board when you needed to vent. Remembering these people during the holiday season will mean a lot to them.

This is the ideal use case for  custom greeting cards. You can send out some nice, personalized cards to thank the people who have helped you achieve everything you have this year.

Humans are social creatures and we are greatly impacted by those around us. This isn’t always in clear, tangible ways such as a job recommendation. The other person may not even be aware of how much he or she helped you. Expressing your gratitude can be a wonderful way to give a little back for a positive impact.

3) Thank People Who Gave You Gifts or Invited You to Parties

If you received any gifts or were invited to any parties this year, it is important to thank the giver or host. Of course, you don’t need to do this with those  bulk Christmas cards, you can always say thank you in person. However, if you did not get an opportunity to do so, make sure you send a thank-you note.

Furthermore, if someone gave you something extra special for the holidays, consider saying thank you in writing and in person. You could say an in-person thank you right after receiving the gift and then send a note a few days later. This is a good way to show that you really appreciate the gift.

Order Your Cards

Sending out thank you notes is a good way to express your gratitude for others this holiday season. Order some  bulk Christmas cards from Cards for Causes. You will get the perfect cards for saying “thank you” while also supporting an important cause. We have a large catalog of holiday card designs or you can create your own custom cards. Order yours today.

Should you send a thank you card for a Christmas gift?

Yes you should send a thank you note to everyone who gave you a Christmas present, but if you thanked them in person it's not necessary.

What should I write in a Christmas thank you card?

Thank you very much for the gift. I'm very grateful for you and your thoughtfulness. I'm sending you this heartfelt thank you for your thoughtful Christmas gift.

When should Thank You cards be sent?

Place a ruler or yardstick vertically near the bottom of your foot (this is where the stirrup will sit and measure the 14″, 17″, or 19″ to see where the top of the stirrups will end.
  • When you receive a gift from someone
  • After someone hosts an event in your honor
  • When you are a houseguest
  • After a you complete job interview
  • Anytime you just feel like saying thanks

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