Why do people give cards with no money or gift cards in them?

Jan 10th 2020

Why do people give cards with no money or gift cards in them?

Greeting cards do have a history with charity. Some of the earliest cards sold in the 1800s donated to charities. Modern card companies, like Cards for Causes, do so now. So money associated with cards is certainly no strange thing. Whether through charitable organizations or personal. Especially for someone faraway, or long out of contact, a gift card or cash in the card can be a way to give a gift without packaging or extra postage. For people who may be undergoing difficult times, it can also be a sure way to get them some financial help during the holidays.

Cards for Causes

But expecting such a gift would be very inappropriate. Not all circumstances would have them either. Sending business Christmas cards with cash or gift cards to vendors or your boss could be very inappropriate. Gift cards for employees could make sense in a Christmas bonus way, but if you want to thank customers for their business, better to let them know of a coming sale early, or perhaps include a coupon code in the card itself. Custom Christmas cards would certainly be appropriate for such a gesture.

Custom greeting cards can deliver money gifts, but beyond Christmas and a receiver’s birthday the act of communication and connection is probably preferable. Remember that for many the primary function of a card should be letting someone know they’re in your thoughts during special times of the year. Building and sustaining relationships using family, friends, or business Christmas cards is an important part of seasonal cheer. A financial gesture will not always be appropriate.

Cards for Causes

Different people send cards for different reasons, and people can expect different things as well. When sending out holiday season greeting cards, be they social or business Christmas cards, think of why you are sending the cards and what impression you’d like to make.

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