How to write the perfect thank you card

Oct 29th 2019

How to write the perfect thank you card

Just how do you write thank you cards to convey your gratitude without sounding rote, cliche, or trite? It’s actually easy when following these steps.

Cards for Causes

1. Think of the structure of the note. Greeting and name of the recipient, followed by the Thank You message -- don’t dilly-dally, get right to it. Say why you appreciated whatever the note is thanking them for, why is the gift special? Personal note (optional); ‘great seeing you’, pleasantries of that sort. Make the link between you outside of your gratitude. Sign off, your name.

2. How formal or informal are you going to be. Are you writing friends, family, or your boss or a client? Thank you cards can be sent for all reasons, so consider just how formal you’d like your note to be.

3. Use strong words to show real appreciation for the gift or service you received. Was it awesome, sweet, amazing, or touching. Really pump it up.

4. Think of synonyms for ‘thank you’ you can use. Appreciate, grateful, much obliged can give a thank you some feeling. Don’t forget phrases such as ‘truly appreciate the …’ or ‘so grateful for…’ as well. There’s more than one way to say thanks, what shows it’s from you?

5. Consider the age and tech level of the person you’re sending it to. A note and flowers will mean more to an older person where a younger person might feel you’re overdoing things. But a text or direct message that may be be fine to a younger person may seem a little distant or noncommittal to someone older. Which can tie into….

6. What impression are you trying to make? No matter the age/demo of the person you’re thanking, a text for a thoughtful or expensive gift might send the wrong impression.

7. How to send your thank you? Thank you cards are often a perfect match for flowers or a modest gift. How close are you to the person, what did it mean to you can play into the appropriate response.

8. Do It Now! Maybe the most important recommendation is don’t wait, send your thanks as soon as you can for the best impact, while your appreciation is uppermost in your mind.

Appreciation cards are an important way to tell someone they did good. Make sure to give some thought into how you say thank you as they did in the gift or service they gave you. Maybe custom greeting cards are worth considering too. They are a way of taking time and giving thought without overdoing it and even potentially showing up your gift. However you say thank you though, let these tips help your feelings and appreciation show!

What is a Meaningful Way to Say "Thank You?"

When it comes to writing the perfect message in thank you cards, you want to speak from the heart. Consider the person you are writing to and what he or she will appreciate hearing. This approach gives a personal touch that is sure to resonate in a meaningful way with the recipient.

What’s a Creative Way To Say “Thank You?”

If you want to be creative with the message you include in custom thank you cards, humor is always a fun approach to consider. When the person receiving the card is someone who knows how to appreciate a joke, a silly or witty message might be the perfect way to express gratitude.

How Can I Express Gratitude in a Card?

The trick to sincerity in personalized thank you cards is giving yourself time to consider your words. Expressing gratitude will never feel false or forced when you use care with selecting the right words. A small gift with a card is another easy way to get more from your exchange.

What’s an Alternative to “Sincerely” When Ending a Card?

Choosing the best word to end thank you cards with comes down to a few factors. Mainly, consider who is receiving the card. For close friends and family members, “love” can be a fine substitute. “Best wishes” can also work when you need a simple phrase that doesn’t seem impersonal.

Where Can I Make My Own Cards on the Internet?

Cards for Causes can help you make your own personalized cards online! Not only is the process of creating your own cards simple, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice. This is a wonderful way to give back while sending your cards.

Finding the right words for thank you cards can take time. Finding the perfect cards at Cards for Causes , however, is as easy as exploring the array of options available.

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