Business Appreciation Cards

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Business Appreciation Cards

There are so many ways in which employees and customers help support your company. From patronizing your business to referring your products or services, your best customers do a lot to grow your company. Stellar employees who go above and beyond and are dedicated to the organization’s success are also a great source of support for your business. Sending custom cards to supporters is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for all that they do.

Custom Messages

You understand your employees and customers best. You know their specific actions and the ways in which they assist your company. With custom appreciation cards, you can tailor your message to precisely express your sentiments for the assistance provided and detail the ways in which they have buoyed your business. The right message expresses your gratitude while also aligning with your organization’s culture and values.

Variety of Designs

There are numerous card designs to choose from so that you are sure to find the right fit to represent your company. Designs range from formal and sincere to light-hearted and friendly. The flexibility to choose the design that best matches your company culture helps ensure that your card recipients recognize the intended sentiment and that your customer appreciation cards bring smiles to their faces.

Good Causes

When you purchase employee appreciation cards from Cards For Causes, a portion of the proceeds benefits the charitable organization that you choose. You can recognize acts of kindness from your supporters by paying it forward. Aid a charitable association while also extending gratitude to those who have made a difference to your business. If your favorite charity is not listed, you can submit a request for consideration to be added to the list.

View the product catalog at Cards For Causes to find the best appreciation cards for your supporters. Thanking those who help your company grow and thrive is critical to fostering continued loyalty and success.


Business Appreciation Cards FAQs

What is the minimum order for employee appreciation cards?

You can order employee appreciation cards in multiples of 25 with 25 being the minimum order. From our website, you can order up to 15,000 cards that show your employees how much you appreciate them and their hard work and dedication. We make it easy for you to see the price of your order as well as the comparable retail price so you can see your savings.

What Types of Employee Appreciation Cards are Available?

There are so many ways to show appreciation. Besides employee appreciation thank you cards, we also have congratulations, anniversary and holiday-related options as well. Most of our cards feature images showing off the card’s design. Once you select a design, there are multiple images to help you see more information as well as a full description

Do these cards come with Envelopes?

All of our employee appreciation cards come with envelopes. The specifications for each card not only include a description of the envelopes, but they also include information about the size of the card as well as the production time. Consider the production time and the shipping time to make sure you can get your cards in time for the occasion.

How can I customize these Cards?

We understand that sometimes you need help when it comes to employee appreciation card ideas. We offer preset verses including previews of the text and the font to be used. You can also add your company name. Personalize these cards even more with a company logo or a personal signature which can both be uploaded.

Can the Envelopes be Customized also?

Yes, the customizations aren’t just limited to the employee appreciation cards. Our cards come with lined or unlined white envelops which are included with your order. For an additional cost, we offer peel and stick envelopes. We also provide you the option to add a custom message or a return address as an imprint on the envelope flap.

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Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other festive time of the year, Cards for Causes provides the cards you need to send your appreciation to family and friends or business associates and employees. Easy to order, and as many as you need for a low price. Never forget, a percentage of your cost goes to the charity of your choice. You even have the option of listing that charity in the card!



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