What are Some Unique New Year Gifting Ideas?

Oct 15th 2019

What are Some Unique New Year Gifting Ideas?

Cards for Causes

Not Just For Christmas

Holiday gift giving goes back a long way. In fact, gifts were more a part of New Year’s than Christmas for most of history. There are even cultures today, like Russia and Greece, that give New Year’s gifts. When exploring New Year’s gifting today, the focus for those cultures not quite into New Year’s gifting leans toward celebration -- alcohol is a big one -- and symbolic or practical fresh starts -- calendars and health oriented gifts.

Cards for Causes

When sent with Christmas cards New Year cards can be part of a one two punch of holiday celebration, or solo for those who don’t celebrate Christmas. And that doesn’t factor the numerous Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, and straight up combo Merry Christmas and Happy New Year cards. They can be humorous or heartfelt, and like the gifting above themed around Fresh Starts or pure Celebration. Wishes for Health and Prosperity can be part of many New Year cards too.

Make The Message Personal

New Year cards can be personalized as well. Custom greeting cards from your business, law or medical practice, company or family can deliver that wish for a prosperous fresh start letting the receiver of the card know who is thinking of them during the holidays. Accompanying that desk calendar, gym membership, yoga leggings, or bottle of champagne, the personalized Happy New Year card will help usher in 365 days of health and good fortune. Speaking of good fortune, don’t forget the tradition of a New Year meal that includes black eyed peas, apparently a dish for prosperity!

Or Just Say Thanks

he New Year’s holiday card and gift can also be an ideal time to just say thank you to important people in your life. Appreciation cards, customized or not, are a great way to express gratitude for co-workers hard work, friends’ companionship, or family love. And remember trash collectors, local police and firefighters, even that smiling face at the corner convenience store you see every day on the way to work. The opportunities to say thanks for a great year and here’s to another are boundless. 

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