What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

Jan 10th 2020

What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

All good business strategies should include growing and maintaining good relationships, not just with other companies but employees as well. While business thank you cards are often sent to corporate partners, savvy managers also make a habit of sending them to colleagues in recognition of group and individual accomplishments. For companies who wish to reward employees with a gift, it can be difficult at times to choose something appropriate. Here are some great ideas for showing appreciation to those who keep your company running.

Holiday Cards and More

Holidays are a good time to send best wishes, and it can be heartwarming when an employee’s family is included. Gifts such as gourmet cupcakes, fruits and a host of other food items add to a festive family atmosphere. Or choose a theme basket with movie tickets and popcorn or tickets to another local attraction. Of course, gift cards to restaurants, book stores or in a dollar amount of your choosing are always welcome and make a great gift when you slip them into holiday cards.

Business-Oriented Gifts

For those who prefer to keep gifts more business-oriented, there are plenty of options from which to choose. With or without your company logo, these gifts are appropriate for professionals at all levels.

  • Laptop carrying case/briefcase
  • Business card holder, which can be engraved
  • Carry-on suitcase with spinning wheels
  • Leather day planner cover or notebook
  • Adjustable-height laptop stand
  • Standing desk balance board
  • There are multiple desktop items available that would make thoughtful gifts, such as paperweights and clocks. Stay away from things that could be considered job necessities, such as staplers or desk organizers. Don’t forget to tuck in business thank you cards with your gifts, too.

    Tech Gadgets and Toys

    Wireless devices continue to evolve and are always a great gift, whether the recipient is a techie or not. From docking stations and phone-charging pads to voice-command music, news and more, there are plenty of new and old tech gadgets to please every taste. Do you have a lot of conference calls with remote employees? Send them a mini-smart camera that tracks them as they move so they can participate in video calls without having to stay in front of a laptop.

    Showing Appreciation for Effort

    Whether or not you include a gift, appreciation cards from a supervisor can make all the difference in the working lives of employees. Along with improving morale and encouraging better and stronger relationships between you and your colleagues, simple gestures of thanks are important. They let employees know that you notice and appreciate the times they stay late, skip lunch or take on extra work. They’re also more willing to do those things again when needed.

    Stock Up on Business Thank You Cards

    Saying “thank you” is a lesson in manners that parents instill in children at an early age. It’s also a good business practice for companies large and small. Whether you work with many people or just a few, showing appreciation for others is an excellent habit to develop. Ensure you always have a token of appreciation on hand by stocking up on business thank you cards and more from Cards for Causes.

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