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Browse the incredibly wide selection of assorted Christmas cards available from Cards for Causes. No matter your taste, if you take a look at all the cards you are sure to find something in a style you like. Not only are so many different styles available, but you will also be able to customize your cards and personalize them. That way, any design will be totally unique to you. When you order from Cards for Causes, 20 percent of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice.

Great Christmas Card Designs

With all the assorted greeting cards to browse though, you will be blown away by the wide variety of options. You will be able to find classic cards with great holiday imagery and text. You will also see humorous cards to give to anyone with a sense of humor. Businesses will also find great professional cards they can send to their clients at Christmas time.

Customization Options

The best part of ordering Christmas cards online is the ability to customize your cards. Cards for Causes offers a lot of different customization options for each card. After you pick your favorite card, follow the step by step customization process and change each feature of the card to be how you like it. For example, you can change the message on the inside of your cards or add your company's name or logo.

Donating to Charity

Best of all, ordering from Cards for Causes lets you select a charity to donate 20 percent of your purchase. If you do not have a charity in mind, you can browse though our extensive list of charities, organized by cause, and pick something you feel strongly about. Celebrate the Christmas season by getting your custom cards and supporting a great charity with your purchase.



Assorted Christmas Cards FAQs

When should I order my Christmas cards online?

It is important to order your Christmas cards early. You need to make sure you have enough time to receive your cards after you order them and then sign and address your cards before sending them. It is advisable to order your cards in November or earlier. Consider stocking up on cards early in the year.

Should my business send assorted Christmas cards?

It is a great practice for businesses to send Christmas cards to their clients or business partners. Anyone you would like to maintain a relationship with and do business with in the coming year should get a Christmas card from you. Your employees may also appreciate receiving a Christmas card.

Should I buy assorted greeting cards in bulk?

If you need to send a large number of greeting cards, buying in bulk can make economical sense. When buying in bulk, the price of each individual card is discounted, so you save money in the long run. If you or your business has a large address book to send greeting cards, consider buying for all of them. You can also order extras so you are sure you have enough.

How can I customize my Christmas cards online?

Cards for Causes offers many different customization options. You can change the message on the inside of the card, or write your own. You can even choose the font. Businesses can add their name or logo to their cards. You can even customize the envelopes that come with your cards.

Are assorted greeting cards recyclable?

Yes, any greeting cards made from paper or card stock are recyclable where ever paper recycling is taken. If you are unsure, check with your local waste management authority. Be sure to remove any metal, plastic or other non-recyclable attachments to the cards before adding them to your recycling.


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