Snowman Christmas Cards

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Say Merry Christmas With Custom Snowman Christmas Cards

There are few images that capture the heart of Christmas more than the smiling face of a friendly snowman. When you send snowman Christmas cards to friends, partners, or coworkers the card will evoke memories that instantly take them back to Christmases of the past. From building their first snowman with a parent to singing "Frosty the Snowman" along with the radio, they're sure to get in the holiday spirit as soon as they peek at the cover.

Cards for Causes carries a wide variety of custom Christmas cards that feature a snowman on the cover. You can send warm greetings with classic images of snowmen wearing cozy scarves and winter hats. Cards with a snowflake or starry sky background are simple and sweet for more casual relationships. If you're dreaming of warmer days, you can send your "warmest wishes" to your loved ones with a snowman enjoying a day at the beach. For your favorite DIYers or home improvement professionals, choose a card featuring a snowman made out of paint cans with brushes for arms, or send a large snowman blueprint card to someone you know who is an architect or engineer. If sending a card from the whole office, a card with several smiling snowmen on the front and a "From All of Us" greeting makes sure everyone is included.

No matter what design you choose, you have the option to customize your card by adding a preset greeting or writing a message of your own. You can easily add your name or the name of the company for business Christmas cards. For a more professional touch, add the company logo or include a signature. You can even add a personal message or return address on the envelope. If you have any special instructions, make sure to include them before you check out. Most importantly, make sure to select a charity you support since Cards for Causes will donate 20% of your purchase to whichever organization you choose.


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Snowman Christmas Cards FAQs

Can I customize snowman Christmas cards?

Add a personal touch to any card featuring a snowman. Write a message, add a photo or logo and put sender information in cards. When you design custom Christmas cards, you have the option to donate 20% of the cost to a charity you choose and include a charity line.

Are cards with snowmen suitable for businesses?

Snowmen are typically associated with snow days during childhood and outdoor activities. These figures are suitable for cards you plan to send to recipients of any background or faith. Business christmas cardswith snowmen can please practically anyone. Snowmen are also a perfect choice for bulk personal Christmas card orders.

Why are snowmen associated with Christmas?

The historical origins of the traditional stack of three snowballs adorned with facial features, tree branch arms, a scarf and top hat are unclear. Wintery figures have a long history in legend, and many children play in snow. Snowmen became popular images in Victorian-era advertising and still symbolize cold-weather fun.

Do snowmen appear on holiday or seasonal greetings?

Snowmen appear on Christmas cards as well as more general holiday and seasonal greeting cards. These figures represent outdoor activities rather than the observance of religious holidays during the winter. Cards with snowman are suitable for any recipient when sending out bulk orders to a professional or personal contact list.

What goes inside a custom Christmas card?

A custom Christmas card may include a preset or custom message, photo or logo, one or more signatures and sender identification. If you opt to donate 20% of the cost of a card order to charity, you can add a line that will promote this cause during the holiday season.


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