Thinking of You Cards

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Thinking of You Cards Show How Much You Care

Show your friends, family, clients, and associates you're thinking of them any time throughout the year with elegant and creative greeting cards from Cards For Causes. Holidays are a great time to send cards, but sometimes you need to let people know they're on your mind when they're going through a hard time, or even for no reason at all! It's never the wrong time to reach out and make connections to those who are close to us. Our thinking of you card messages are sincere, heartfelt, and kind, and we also give you the chance to customize your very own messages if you'd rather express yourself your own way. 

Thinking of You Greeting Cards Send the Right Message No Matter the Occasion

Thinking of you cards are the perfect way to let the important people in your life know that you're valued - and there's no better feeling than when someone lets you know exactly that! Our greeting cards are ideal for the entire range of emotions you and your recipient might feel -- funny, heartfelt, businesslike, and everything in between. Make a great impression and strengthen your friendships, business associations, and familial bonds with the perfect personal touch. Best of all, all thinking of you cards purchased from Cards For Causes give you the chance to donate 20% of your purchase price to a worthy charity of your choice!