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Bridges are distinctive landscape features often depicted on cards. A bridge across a river in the midst of a snowy scene may be a less common Christmas or holiday greeting than more conventionally festive designs. Choose from cards with artistic renderings or photographs of bridges. Some cities or regions known for having distinctive local bridges may have card designs that incorporate this scenic infrastructure. Bridges can also appear on greeting cards for other occasions or seasons. Select a card with a cover image of a bridge and customize the interior message for recipients on a business or personal mailing list.



Bridge FAQs

How do I order cards with a bridge on the cover?

Browse or search for cards that have a bridge theme. Bridge Christmas cards are among the most popular greeting cards that feature bridges. Select your favorite bridge card cover design and customize the interior of a bulk card order with a message, logo, photo, signature, sender name and charity line.

What are the most popular bridge-themed cards?

The most popular cards that have cover images of bridges are Christmas or holiday cards. These cards often feature a festive, seasonal color scheme, such as a red bridge that stands out against a winter landscape white with snow. Some city greeting card designs showcase distinctive local or regional bridges.

Why do bridges appear on Christmas cards?

Bridges are often associated with traveling home for Christmas, even for recipients in regions that do not have many bridges. Covered bridge Christmas cards are particularly popular in New England and other regions where these bridge designs intended to limit ice and snow buildup are considered a distinctive regional feature.

Can I get artistic or photo bridge cards?

Some cards with cover images of bridges are fine art cards while other styles feature photographs. Many bridges shown on Christmas cards are in nondescript locations. If you want a card with local or regional flare, look for a design with an artistic representation or photograph of a local bridge.

Are bridge Christmas cards for business and personal senders?

Any recipients on a professional or personal mailing list may appreciate Christmas bridge cards. Bridges are not associated with any winter holiday in particular, making these designs ideal for seasonal greetings or happy holidays cards. Make sure to write or select a preset message that is appropriate for all recipients.


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