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Looking for Seattle themed Christmas cards to send to your friends and family? Own a business in Seattle and want to send Seattle Christmas cards to your clients? Cards for Causes has excellent options for anyone looking for Christmas cards that celebrate the great city of Seattle. You will find beautifully designed cards that you can customize to your liking, all while donating to your favorite charitable cause.

Celebrate Seattle

Many people who live in the city and across the country have a special affinity for Seattle. This is especially true during the holidays, as our emotions are often tied to the cities we love. Show your love for Seattle with a beautifully designed Christmas card. Consider Seattle skyline Christmas cards that show off the details of the city. Many feature sweeping shots of the the city from above and also show the iconic Space Needle. The Seattle Panoramic Christmas Card does just that, displaying the city lit up at night with the words "Greetings of the Season" written above.

Customize Your Cards

When you order from Cards for Causes, you are given a number of options to customize and personalize your cards. You can choose what message to include on the inside of your card. Businesses can insert their name or logo. You can even customize the envelopes that come with the cards.

Donate to the Charity of Your Choice

When you order from Cards for Causes, you will be able to choose your preferred charity and 20 percent of the purchase price of your order will be donated to that charity. We have an extensive list of charities, organized by cause, that you can select to donate to. There's no better way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas than by donating to charity. Get wonderful cards and donate, all at Cards for Causes.



Seattle FAQs

How can I order custom Seattle Christmas cards?

It is easy to order custom cards from Cards for Causes. After you select the cards you would like and how many, you will be directed through the process of customizing your cards. You will select the message on the inside of the card, what charity to donate to, and other options.

When should I order Seattle Christmas cards?

It is important to order your Christmas cards before December. When you order from Cards for Causes, your cards will be delivered promptly in 2-5 days. However, you will also need time to sign and address each of your cards and send them to arrive on time. We suggest ordering earlier in the year so you are prepared.

Who should I send Seattle themed Christmas cards?

If you live in Seattle and have friends and family elsewhere, sending them a Seattle themed Christmas card is a great way to share your love the city with them. If you are a business located in Seattle, you can show your pride in your city to your clients and business partners while maintaining relationships.

What kinds of messages are on Seattle Christmas cards?

Our great Seattle Christmas cards feature messages that are universal. Anyone can receive cards like these and feel the joy of the holidays. These cards have messages like, "Greetings of the Season" or "Happy Holidays! from Seattle" which are inclusive to everyone. Businesses can benefit from these inclusive messages, since these can be sent to all clients.

Should I order Seattle Christmas cards in bulk?

If you plan on sending a large number of Christmas cards, ordering in bulk can be economical. When you order in bulk, you get a lower price per card, so you can save money. If your business has a list of intended recipients, you can order cards for all of them.


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