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The wreath is a holiday tradition that predates Christmas. In classical times the wreath was a symbol of status and victory. In Christianity it’s circular shape symbolizes eternity and perfection. It is a popular symbol for Advent as well as Christmas and can be associated with harvests too.

In modern times secular uses of the wreath can come in the Fall, with gold, red and the brown of autumnal plants being popular colors. Past the Thanksgiving holiday the wreath will take on the colors of  green holly and pine boughs, gold-brown pinecones, and red holly-berries. More recently, white or silver wreaths representing snow-covered decorations are being displayed. Wreaths are intrinsic to holiday displays, and so it makes sense that the Christmas wreath card would be intrinsic to seasonal cards.

Wreath Christmas cards are available in all the color variations that wreaths are. They don’t even have to be Christmas related -- gold and red wreaths are popular for Thanksgiving Day cards too. But for a Christmas card, the green pine wreath with red bow can be as emblematic of the holiday season as the Christmas Tree; which is appropriate since one theory of the origin of the Christmas wreath is that the wreath was made from the cuttings leftover from trimming back the Christmas tree. Wreath Christmas cards of a brightly colored wreath on a door are as welcoming an image of the holiday as paintings of the warm glow of the family fireplace. As mentioned above, images of the white or silver frosted wreath can evoke the wonder of the snowy season that comes with the holiday (in the Northern hemisphere anyway).

When looking for just the right card for Christmas, don’t overlook wreath Christmas cards. For symbolic or literal representations of the holiday, traditional or secular imagery, welcoming warmth or frosty delight, the Christmas wreath is as seasonal as the Christmas Tree or Santa and his sleigh. And just as merry.
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Wreath Christmas Cards FAQs

How can I customize wreath Christmas cards?

Start by selecting your favorite card cover featuring a Christmas wreath. Customize the inside of any greeting card with a custom or preset message, logo, photo, signatures and sender line. It’s easy to donate 20% of a card order cost and add a charity line to the inside of cards.

What are popular card designs with wreaths?

Some of the most popular covers of cards that feature wreaths are stylized or feature high-resolution photographs. You may prefer to send a card that has an artistic rendition of a seasonal winter wreath or a photograph with one or more wreaths, which are often set off against winter backgrounds.

Are wreaths used on holiday or seasonal cards?

Wreaths appear on Christmas cards and other seasonal greetings. While Advent wreaths are historically significant for Christians, wreaths date back to ancient Greece and Rome. The Greek word “diadema,” which translates to wreath, means “a thing bound around.” Wreaths are associated with Christmas but are not exclusive to this holiday.

What goes inside a Christmas wreath card?

The interior message of a Christmas card tends to be determined by the cover message. Many wreath card covers include festive references to Christmas and winter holidays. The sender may take an opportunity to express his or her appreciation for clients or customers or put personal touches inside a card.

Why are wreaths associated with Christmas?

Although the practice of making wreaths dates all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome, Christians made Advent wreaths to symbolize the strength of faith through the winter. Whereas laurel wreaths were used by Greco-Romans during the Olympic Games, the evergreen wreaths portrayed on cards are considered Christmas decorations.


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