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Lighthouses are a scenic feature of many coastal landscapes and are often depicted on greeting cards. Depending on the cover design, you can send a lighthouse theme greeting card at any time of year, from the winter holiday season throughout the spring, summer or fall. Artistic renditions of lighthouses with festive decorations are popular for Christmas and other holiday or seasonal greeting cards. Lighthouses may also be featured on card designs that reference seaside regional motifs. The cover image and messages on the cover or interior of a card may determine the best time of year to send lighthouse cards.



Lighthouse FAQs

Can I order cards with a lighthouse on the cover?

A greeting card with a lighthouse on the cover is a good choice for many occasions. These picturesque structures stand out on cards. Select stylized or photographic lighthouse cards and add a custom or preset message, logo or photo, sender information and a charity line to the inside of cards.

What are some popular lighthouse Christmas card designs?

Some popular lighthouse Christmas cards feature artistic representations of these structures. A card cover showing a lighthouse decorated with a wreath or the image of a lighthouse in a festive color scheme can capture the sense of reaching land after a long voyage or traveling to a picturesque shoreside destination.

What do lighthouses symbolize?

Sending cards with a lighthouse on the cover is a good way to reach out to personal or professional contacts near and far. The symbol of a lighthouse is associated with coastal surroundings and old-fashioned navigation. You might consider cards with a lighthouse design as a means for guiding recipients.

What types of cards have lighthouse designs?

Choose from several styles of lighthouse greeting cards. You may prefer to send a festive, seasonal Christmas card featuring a decorated lighthouse or a city greeting card design portraying a local or regional landmark. It is also possible to design cards with a photo of any lighthouse on the cover.

Why are lighthouses depicted on greeting cards?

Lighthouses are unique structures that often have historical significance. Just as a lighthouse alerted sailors and aviators of the proximity of land, cards that feature these graphics can be a good way to apprise professional or personal contacts of your current location and condition at any time of the year.


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