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When most people think about a Christmas scene, they think about a snowy area with conifer trees. However, Christmas is celebrated in many colorful ways all around the world. Miami is no exception. With large populations of both Protestant and Catholic Christians, plus many others who celebrate a more secular version of the holiday, the city is a wonderful place to be during the winter holiday.

If you want to show your friends and family that you are thinking about them during Christmas, consider sending some Miami themed Christmas cards. Cards for Causes has some excellent cards to choose from that are themed after the important cultural center of Florida

Celebrating the Holidays With Some Florida Style

For Christmas cards Miami scenes may not seem like the obvious choice. However, they can add a fun element to your holiday celebration. The Cards for Causes collection includes some fun and festive images such as Santa Claus on a Miami beach. We also have a fun take on traditional Christmas tree imagery with decorated palm trees.

If you are a Miami resident or in the area for the holiday season, these cards provide a great alternative to more traditional styles. They can also be a fun option to send to someone who will be in the city for the holidays.

Christmas in Miami

For the most part, Christmas and other winter holidays are celebrated in the traditional way in Miami. However, the city has some unique character during December. For example, when residents need to warm up (from those chilly sub-60 temperatures), they turn to hot chocolate and churros. Many residents of Cuban descent break out their La Caja China to mark the special occasion.

Like some other warm-weather cities, Miami is almost devoid of chimneys. So, the tales of Santa’s entry methods are a little more creative in the Florida city. Christmas is a time of revelry and Miami residents are happy to add their own flair.

Order Your Miami Christmas Cards Today

Place your order for Miami Christmas cards today. Cards for Causes has everything you need to make your next winter holiday season even more special.



Miami FAQs

Where Can I Order Miami Themed Christmas Cards?

You can order your Miami holiday cards from Cards for Causes. We have a wide selection of cards featuring designs themed on Miami and other cities. You can also find a diverse choice of other designs including professional, religious, non-religious, personal and more.

What Are Some Miami Christmas Card Ideas?

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and proximity to the Everglades. So, some Miami card ideas include Santa at the beach, holiday palm trees and a crocodile with a Christmas ornament. Mixing classic Christmas imagery with Miami themes is a great way to mark the season.

Can I Order Miami Christmas Cards in Bulk?

Yes, if you order from Cards for Causes, you can order bulk quantities of cards ranging from 25 to 15,000 cards. The more you order, the cheaper each one is. Pricing for Miami cards can be as low as $1.15 per card.

If I Order a Miami Card From Cards for Causes, Am I Supporting a Cause?

Yes, all Cards for Causes purchases include a donation to a charity. You can select a listed cause when you make your purchase. Additionally, you can choose to send your donation to another cause by choosing the “Submit a Cause” option.

What Is the Best Way To Send Cards to a Lot of People?

If you need to send cards to a long list of professional and/or personal associates, order a number of your favorite card design. Then, you can print your labels and save yourself a lot of time finding cards for everyone. It is a great way to take on that holiday list.


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