Dove Christmas Cards

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Dove Christmas Cards 

A white dove is a classic symbol of peace and unity, which is why it is often portrayed on holiday cards. Dove Christmas cards are offered from Cards for Causes in many different styles, colors and designs, so that you are sure to find the right card design to suit your tastes. The following are reasons why dove cards are so popular and why you should consider them for your own holiday greeting cards this year.

Peace and Love 

Doves are usually associated with peace and love in many cultures and religious traditions. Cards for Causes offers several designs of greeting cards portraying doves so that you can choose the right image for your sentiment and for the winter holiday that you celebrate.

Card Customization 

With Cards for Causes, you can customize the cards you send by choosing the image on the front as well as the message printed inside. Messages can be highly personalized or can be a standard holiday greeting. In either case, it is easy to customize paper dove Christmas cards so that you can quickly and easily send them to all of your friends, family and business clients.

Charitable Donations 

A portion of the proceeds every purchase from Cards for Causes is donated to a charitable organization of the purchaser’s choosing. Organizations supported are varied and cover areas including environmental protection, education, military, religious groups and health and human services. If you do not see the group you would like to support listed, you can submit a request to add them to the list on Cards for Causes' website.

View the product catalog at Cards for Causes to find dove Christmas cards that embody the right design to convey your holiday wishes. With the ability to customize the greeting inside, your cards are sure to be appreciated by family, friends or business associates.



Dove FAQs

How do I order dove Christmas cards? 

To order cards, simply select the image and the quantity needed. Then, choose your message, whether it is a customized message that you write or a standard greeting. During checkout, you will be asked to select a charity to which 20% of your purchase price will be donated. The list of charities is diverse and includes organizations committed to improving education, wildlife preservation and health services, among others.

What do doves symbolize on Christmas cards? 

Doves traditionally symbolize peace and love in many cultural and religious traditions. Doves are popular images found on Christmas and other winter holiday greeting cards, given their peaceful connotations. Cards for Causes offers several white dove Christmas cards for winter holiday greetings.

Why send Christmas cards? 

Christmas cards are a traditional element of the holiday season and are a great way to stay connected to the important people in your life when the holidays approach. Receiving a card in the mail is a happy surprise for your recipients and they will know that you care and are thinking of them during the festive season.

Why buy cards from Cards for Causes? 

Cards for Causes offers high-quality cards that are customizable and also support important charitable work. With a wide selection of card types and designs, Cards for Causes is a great place to shop for Christmas cards and cards for any other occasion. Customization makes the cards special and the donation from each purchase supports great causes that support the communities in which we all live.

How do I personalize greeting cards? 

The customization process is easy with Cards for Causes. The first step is to choose your card design from the large selection available in the product catalog. Once selected, you will have the opportunity to write the message that is printed inside of the card. If you prefer to use a standard message, those are available as well. The final step is to choose your charitable organization, and you are done!


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