San Diego Christmas Cards

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In the holiday season, it is important to share sentiments about what you love to those around. If you have a love for the city of San Diego, look to Cards for Causes for great San Diego Christmas cards to show your appreciation for your great city. You will find great designs that are fun or professional, depending on your needs, and be able to customize them. Best of all, when you purchase your cards from Cards for Causes, a portion of the purchase price goes to the charity of your choice. What better way to celebrate in the holiday spirit?

Beautifully Designed Cards

For someone who loves their city, you are sure to find designs of San Diego themed Christmas cards you love. Take for example the San Diego Swirls Christmas Card, which features a brilliant black and white shot of the San Diego skyline with holiday themed illustrated embellishments and the words, "holiday wishes" at the bottom. This kind of card is a great choice for anyone in San Diego who wants to share their city during the holidays. Businesses in the San Diego area can send cards like this to all their local clients and business partners to celebrate their local connections.

Great Customization Options

You can also customize the cards you order from Cards for Causes. If you have a message you would like to include, you can add it to the inside of the card or select one of the great presets. Businesses can add their name or logo to the card to help with brand recognition. You can even customize the envelopes that come with the cards.

Donating to Charity 

When you buy San Diego holiday cards from Cards for Causes, 20 percent of the purchase price is donated to the charity of your choice. While customizing your cards, you can look through our long list of charities to find one that fits your goals.



San Diego FAQs

When should I order San Diego holiday cards?

It is important to order your holidays cards early. You need to have time to receive your cards, address them and send them to arrive on time. Consider ordering your cards earlier in the year so you know you have time to prepare. Make sure you order cards before December.

Who should I send San Diego themed Christmas cards?

Anyone you think would enjoy being reminded of the city of San Diego should receive a card like these. If you are a resident of San Diego, you can send these cards to your friends and family around the world to share your city. Businesses located in San Diego should also send these cards to their clients and business partners.

What messages are in San Diego themed Christmas cards?

Most of these Christmas cards feature either funny or universal messages. Funny cards, like Santa on beach with the message "Warmest Wishes" are great for lighthearted greetings. More universal messages like, "Holiday Wishes" and "Greetings of the Season" can be sent to and enjoyed by anyone.

How can I customize San Diego Christmas cards?

You can customize the message on the inside of your cards by picking one of the presets or writing your own. You can also change the font of your message. A business will have the options of adding their name or logo to the cards. You may also add a donation line to the card for the charity of your choice.

Are San Diego Christmas cards recyclable?

Since greeting cards are made of paper or cards stock, you can recycle them anywhere that accepts paper recycling. If you are unsure, check with your local recycling or waste management agency. Paper envelopes may also be recycled, so avoid throwing out anything than can be recycled.


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