Dentist Christmas Cards

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Dentists have long sent Christmas cards and seasonal greeting cards to patients. In addition to expressing appreciation for continued customer loyalty, these cards serve as a helpful yearly reminder of the importance of dental care. Browse our inventory of dental Christmas cards to find the best greeting card for your practice.

Christmas Cards for Dentists

Christmas cards are a tradition in the dental profession. In particular, funny dental Christmas cards and cute animated designs are popular choices. These lighthearted holiday communications can promote positive associations with your practice. Recipients may be more likely to recall that you took the time to check in around the winter holidays.

Depending on your preferences, you may want to select dental-themed Christmas cards or another type of design. If you get in the habit of sending holiday or seasonal greetings, you may want to vary the types of cards you send each year. Browsing cards based on art or message can be a good way to explore holiday and season’s greetings that you can send to the recipients on your office’s mailing list.

Custom Dental Office Cards

Most cards have set cover designs and customizable interiors. Some cards leave room for adding the name of a dentist or business to the cover. Dentists can also send photo cards. You may also prefer cards that have themed covers that suggest the sender without your name or picture on the front. Some cards put more emphasis on the spirit of the season.

Customize the inside of any card design with a message. You may want to consider the cover design and message of cards to write the most effective interior message or choose an option from an array of preset templates. A photo, logo, signatures, printed sender name or charity line can also appear within cards. Any of these features can add a personalized touch to any bulk card design.



Dentist FAQs

How do I order custom dental Christmas cards?

Start by selecting a cover for bulk greeting cards. Choose from festive designs that feature dental care supplies or other holiday or seasonal greetings. Customize the interior of every card with a custom or preset message and add your choice of a photo, logo, signatures, sender name and charity line.

What are the best selling Christmas cards for dentists?

Some of the most popular cards for dental professionals feature familiar tools of the trade or animated depictions of teeth in festive holiday designs. Some cards that have dentistry-themed designs evoke the shape of Christmas trees, while other card covers display strings that suggest both Christmas lights and dental floss.

Can I make custom cards for a dental office?

Customize the inside of any dentist greeting card design. Write a holiday greeting to patients or pick a preset message. It may be possible to customize the cover of other types of dental office Christmas cards, such as photo cards. You can choose any level of customization for seasonal greetings.

What are some ways to customize Christmas card covers?

There are several options for ordering cards with custom covers. Consider designs that leave space for the name of a dentist or business on the cover. Choose from front imprint, photo and die and laser cut cards with options for personalization. You can completely customize the inside of any card.

How do I donate a portion of card cost to charity?

Select a registered tax-exempt charitable organization to receive 20% of the total cost of an order of dental Christmas cards. Once you have selected an eligible charity, you will have the option to add a charity line to the inside of every card to promote your chosen cause to recipients.


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