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Celebrate the holidays with cards for the computer lovers in your life while supporting your favorite charity at Cards for Causes. Computer Christmas cards are available with many different holidays themes. One card features a Christmas tree made out of binary ones and zeroes colored red and green, a great image any computer geek is sure to love. When you shop with Cards for Causes, 20 percent of the purchase price of your cards will be donated to your favorite charity. After you select your favorite card, you can look at the long list of charitable causes and pick the one you would most like to donate to.




How can I order Christmas cards for computer geeks?

Cards for Causes makes it easy to order your computer themed Christmas cards. First, select the design of your cards and how many you would like to order. You will then be given the option to customize your message and what charity you would like to donate to.

Who should I send computer Christmas cards?

With the proliferation of computer and IT related jobs, many people work with computers and appreciate humor related to them. Anyone you could classify as a computer geek and who has a sense of humor would enjoy receiving one of these cards. Employees in the IT field may also enjoy these cards.

When should I order computer geek Christmas cards?

It is important to order you cards in advance of the holidays. You will need time to receive, address and send your cards before Christmas. You should order your cards before December, although it is also a good idea to plan ahead and order earlier in the year.

Should I buy bulk computer Christmas cards?

Buying bulk Christmas cards can make great economical sense if you need to send a lot of cards. If you are an IT firm looking to send cards or an employer sending many cards to your IT employees, you can take advantage of the discount on buying your cards in bulk.

Are computer Christmas cards recyclable?

Since Christmas cards are made of paper or card stock, they are recyclable anywhere that takes paper recycling. Check with your local recycling regulations to make sure. Paper envelopes are also recyclable, so you can reduce your environmental impact by recycling cards and envelopes instead of throwing them out.


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