Deer Christmas Cards

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Reindeer Christmas Cards

Reindeer have long been a symbol associated with the Christmas season. In fact, it would be difficult to move through the holidays without hearing “Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer” at least once on the radio. When selecting the perfect cards to send to family and friends this holiday season, choosing a reindeer Christmas card design can be a wonderful fit.

An Array of Design Options

A deer Christmas card can range from silly to sentimental, depending on the type of message you prefer sending. This is largely due to the fact that reindeer can encompass a number of different emotions. A cartoonish deer smiling widely, for example, is a funny card idea for a child. Meanwhile, a card featuring the majestic silhouette of a reindeer and its sturdy antlers can be a wonderful image to feature on a card you give to your parents. There are a number of design options featuring reindeer that are worth your consideration.

The Rise of Reindeer

Before the 1900s, Santa Claus was often depicted as riding a sleigh being pulled by a horse or donkey. Eventually, reindeer became the animal of choice for St. Nick and this was cemented in such holiday classics as the poem “Twas the Night before Christmas” by Clement Moore. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine Christmas without visions of these beautiful and strong animals guiding Santa’s sleigh. When you select a reindeer Christmas card for someone you care about, you are automatically selecting a recognizable and powerful symbol of the holiday season.

Spread Some Cheer

The beauty of ordering your Christmas cards through Cards for Causes is that 20% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity of your choice. This is a fantastic way to help those in need this holiday season while still delivering lovely cards to your family members and friends. Find a style you enjoy and start filling out cards that will provide a little bit of cheer to those less fortunate.