Restaurant Christmas Cards

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Restaurant owners and other food service and hospitality professionals can save on Christmas cards by ordering in bulk. Choose from restaurant Christmas cards with cover designs that feature holiday foods or festive ingredients perfect for the holiday season. Businesses and professionals can build customer or client loyalty that leads to lasting business relationships by sending frequent customers and other contacts holiday greeting cards.

Food and Hospitality Holiday Cards

Whether you operate a restaurant or any other food service or hospitality business, it is easy to find the perfect cards to send to recipients on any mailing list around the winter holidays. Browse or search for cards with your preferred art or message. You can also customize some card covers and the interior design of every style of greeting card.

Depending on the type of establishment you operate, you may want to look for cards that have food-themed covers or more general Christmas, holiday or seasonal designs. If the card covers for these industries do not correspond closely enough to your brand or business, city or regional cards or other card themes may be more suitable.

Restaurant Christmas Cards

There are many greeting card designs suitable for restaurateurs to send during the winter holiday season. Depending on your business, you may prefer to customize and send cards that have covers depicting food items or more festive holiday designs. Some restaurant owners may prefer to send cards with happy holidays or season’s greetings messages on the cover and interior suitable for all of the recipients on any mailing list.

Start the process of ordering greeting cards in bulk for a business by browsing or searching an extensive selection of card designs. Once you select a card design with a Christmas, holiday or seasonal cover, you have many options for customizing the interior with a custom message or preset template, photo, logo, signatures, sender name and charity line to fully personalize an order of bulk greeting cards.



Restaurant / Hospitality FAQs

Where can I get restaurant Christmas cards?

Place a bulk order for Christmas cards that have a foodservice theme. Select a card cover design. It may be possible to customize the covers of some cards. Add a custom or preset message to the inside of cards along with sender information and the option for a charity line.

What are the most popular holiday cards for restaurants?

Food is a prominent feature of the most popular Christmas card designs ordered by restaurant owners and operators. Compare cards featuring gingerbread men, candy canes and other holiday treats with cover designs that depict ingredients in traditional holiday colors, such as a wreath made of red and green hot peppers.

Which senders want restaurant holiday cards?

The owner or operator of any restaurant or business in the food service, beverage, hospitality or hotel industries can send Christmas, holiday or season’s greetings cards to customers, clients, guests or suppliers. Recipients who frequent a food service or hospitality business can appreciate receiving holiday greetings from their favorite establishments.

Can I customize the cover of hospitality cards?

Some hospitality Christmas cards feature customizable covers. Consider designs that make it easy to include the name of a business or sender on card covers, as well as inside each card. You can also send photo greeting cards or other types of cards that offer more custom cover design choices.

What should I write inside Christmas cards?

When writing a message inside of holiday greeting cards, you may want to include religious or general sentiments. Senders should factor in whether recipients observe the same holidays. If you are not sure where to start, select one of a variety of preset messages for any type of greeting card.


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