Business Christmas Cards

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Business Christmas Cards

At a time when the world celebrates the meaning of Christmas and spreading goodwill to mankind, the holiday season is one that should not be ignored by businesses. There are several reasons for you to send business Christmas cards this and every season, including that you are part of this world and want to send well-wishes to others. Reminding clients, customers and associates of your business is a bonus that also helps you reinforce your image and brand.

Cards With Business Themes

At Cards for Causes, we offer a vast selection of business Christmas cards to choose from that will help you make a statement about the season and your company. For example, a business that’s centered around pets or an office with a bring-your-dog-to-work policy can choose our cute pup in a Santa hat card. Other cards feature cats, polar bears, horses, penguins and more. We also carry several choices that are themed for specific industries, including these:

  • Trucking and Automotive
  • Legal and Financial
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Medical and Dental

From gardening to automotive repair and everything in between, our cards cater to your industry. Whether you prefer a witty message or something more formal, you’ll find multiple choices for sending business Christmas card greetings.

Location-Oriented Cards

For tourism and businesses with a statewide, national or international presence, perhaps a reminder of your city or state is appropriate. You’ll find several states featured, including the Lone Star State, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and more. For lesser-known cities, we also have the option of personalized business Christmas cards.

Funny, Thoughtful or Dignified

Whether you want to invoke laughter, send blessings or promote a dignified image, you’ll find that Cards for Causes has funny, thoughtful, cute, playful and spiritual themes and messages to suit every taste. We also have cards with patriotic themes to show your national pride or wish someone in the military a happy holiday. Place your order early and get a jump on the busy holiday season.


Business Christmas Cards FAQs

What Do You Write in a Business Christmas Card?

What you write will be affected who you are and those to whom you are sending cards. For religious organizations, a spiritual theme may be appropriate. For others, it may not be. Keep your message friendly and straightforward, such as “Sending warm wishes this holiday season.” You can always add a personal message to specific individuals or businesses.

How Do You Sign a Business Holiday Card?

This depends on the recipients of your cards. If you are sending to customers that you don’t know personally, you can sign your business name. For those you do know, as well as associates, employees and business partners, sign your first and last name. Again, you can personalize with “Happy holiday” or another closing as well.

Is it Okay to put a Business Cars Inside a Christmas Card?

Of course, especially if you are sending a business Christmas card to clients. Not only is it a reminder of your relationship, but it’s also something they can save and have on hand for future use. It’s also appropriate when sending it to another business. You should leave them out of cards that are going to personal associates.

What do you Write in a Business Card for Work?

This may be somewhat tricky if you’re sending cards to employees. You should acknowledge people individually, using their names, but don’t get too specific about performance. You can write something like “Jane, thanks for a great year!” If sending to a workgroup, use the group name and a similar sentiment.

Should I send Christmas Cards from my Business to my Clients?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to acknowledge anyone you’ve interacted with at Christmas time. You should thank them for their business and remind them that you’re looking forward to a continued relationship with them. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, especially if they have invested money in your products or services.

What's The Best Time of Year to Send Christmas Cards?

In November and December, it's especially important to keep an eye on your mailbox. Christmas cards start streaming in from friends and family near and far, so it's a good idea not to let that stack of envelopes pile up too high. When it's time to send out holiday cards of your own, you want to make sure they arrive to your recipients at the perfect time. Christmas cards that arrive before t...

9 Unique and Creative Christmas Greetings

Christmas cards are a big deal. Everyone sends them at some point during the holiday season, so they’re all trying to make their cards more creative and memorable than the last. What can you write in your cards to make them stand out above the rest? “Merry Christmas” and “Season’s Greetings” are fine for beginners, but how can you become a legend of Christmas cards? How can you knock people’s s...




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