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For many people throughout the world, the city evokes special feelings during the holiday season. If you are looking for Christmas cards city scenes, check out all the great designs available at Cards for Causes. You will be able to customize your generic holiday cards while donating to your favorite charitable cause.

Beautiful City Scenes

There is something special about the lights of a city skyline in winter that reminds people of holiday joy. For an example of great city scene Christmas cards, take a look at the Cityscape Christmas Card, which features a beautiful city skyline where the lights on each building brilliantly contrast with the dark blue winter background. Between two of the largest skyscrapers, "Season's Greetings" is written and a string of lights are strung, evoking a generically beloved holiday message anyone can enjoy. You can see the space under the light is reserved for your company's name, which you can customize on your cards.

Customize Your Perfect Card

Put a personal touch on all your holiday cards. This can be great for both individuals and companies who want to send cards. Individuals can write their own message in the card, so you can say exactly what you want to say in your cards. For a company sending cards, you can add your company's name or even their logo. This way you can send a great holiday message while also maintaining your relationships with clients and partners and increasing your brand.

Donate to Charity

When you purchase cards from Cards for Causes, a full 20 percent of the purchase price is donated to the charity of your choice. When you are customizing your cards, you will have the opportunity to select a charity from Cards for Causes's long list of options, broken down by charitable area.



Generic City FAQs

How can I order customized city scene Christmas cards?

Cards for Causes makes it easy to order city scene Christmas cards. First, select the design you like the most and how many you would like to order. Then you will be offered many different customization options, such as writing the message, adding a logo and changing the envelopes.

What kinds of messages are on Christmas cards city scenes?

Since the city scenes on these cards are generic, their appeal is broad and acceptable to any one who might receive the card. Because of this, the messages are also broadly appealing. You will find messages like "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays." These are great for businesses who want to be inclusive of all their clients.

When should I order generic holiday cards?

Because the cards are generic, you can order the cards any time. It can be good planning to stock up on cards early in the year so you know you will have enough when the holiday season comes. Make sure you order your cards before December, since you will need time to receive them and address them.

Should I order generic holiday cards in bulk?

Buying in bulk is an economical way for businesses and individuals to send many holiday cards. If you know your business will be sending a large amount of holiday cards, buying in bulk is the way to go since you will get a discount on the price of each card and will pay less overall.

Are generic holiday cards recyclable?

Yes, all generic holiday cards that are made out of paper or card stock are recyclable where ever paper recycling is taken. This means greeting card envelopes are also recyclable, so reduce waste by recycling instead of trashing. If in doubt, check with your local recycling service to make sure your recycling will be accepted.


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