Hanukkah Cards

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Hanukkah Cards Spread Holiday Joy

Don't let Hanukkah get overlooked this holiday season. Hanukkah is a religious holiday with a time-honored historical tradition and is celebrated by millions of Americans each year. Hanukkah greeting cards are the perfect way to acknowledge your Jewish congregants, customers, or associates. Our vast customization options allow you to craft the perfect Hanukkah message to represent your business or organization exactly the way you want.

Happy Hanukkah Cards Brighten the Season

Hanukkah is a celebration of miracles and a time to enjoy the company of family and friends. Wishing a Happy Hannukah in a custom greeting card makes a lasting impression and is a gesture that will be remembered for years to come. Chanukah cards from Cards for Causes give you the freedom to personally customize the inside message to use Hanukkah or Chanukah - whichever spelling you prefer. The whole world of Hanukkah greeting phrases are at your fingertips when you create your cards with us!



Hanukkah Cards FAQs

Where can I order cards for Hanukkah in bulk?

Place an order for bulk cards online. Choose from pre-designed card covers with high-resolution animated designs or photographs or design your own photo cards. Add a custom or preset message, sender identification and line identifying the charity you have chosen to receive 20% of the cost of a card order.

What are some popular Hanukkah card designs?

The most popular cards for Hanukkah are blue and either white or silver in color. Many cards also feature religious and cultural symbols. Blue and white are the colors of the flag of Israel. These colors became associated with Hanukkah by American greeting card companies back in the 20th century.

When should I send Hanukkah cards?

Hanukkah lasts for eight days and nights and may fall anywhere from late November to late December. Check the date of Hanukkah for the year in which you plan to order cards to send to personal or professional contacts. Ideally, cards will arrive in advance of or during this celebration.

How do I customize the inside of a Hanukkah card?

Choose Chanukah cards based on the cover. Personalize the interior with a custom or preset message. Insert one or more signatures and a line that identifies the name of the sender in print. You can also donate 20% of the cost of a card order and add a charity line.

What should I write in a Hanukkah card?

You can express similar sentiments to other holidays in happy Hanukkah cards. Common messages include blessings of love and peace. Some senders refer to this celebration as a festival of lights. You may also express well-wishes for the holiday season and the Gregorian New Year, which follows Hanukkah in January.


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