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Funny Greeting Cards Get Laughs and Results

Humor always gets the job done -- funny commercials always draw the most attention during the Super Bowl, and a quick wit is a must for those looking to become the next viral meme sensation. Take the humorous approach when you celebrate birthdays, Christmas, and holidays this year with greeting cards that make your recipients laugh. Birthdays and holidays are a busy time for those who celebrate, with lots of well wishes coming in from friends, family, and businesses. Make sure you stand out from the crowd with a card that's funny and customized to deliver that personal touch.

Funny Holiday Cards and Birthday Messages with Endless Possibilities

Our customizable cards are only limited by your imagination! Many of our greeting cards come with funny holiday greetings already included on the front or inside of the designs, but you can also add your own unique sense of humor into the mix with a custom verse! We know how important it is to send just the right message when you take the time to deliver greeting cards to clients, customers, and those who are close to you. We empower our customers to send the perfect card and make a difference for a charity of their choice in the process! Order today and pick your favorite nonprofit organization at checkout -- we'll donate 20% of your order total to whichever organization you choose!


Funny Cards FAQs

When should I order funny greeting cards?

It depends on when you want your cards to arrive at their recipient. After you order, delivery of your cards will be timely, in 2-5 days, but you'll also want to budget time to sign, address and send your cards. For businesses, it's often best to send cards in advance of a holiday.

Why send funny greeting card messages?

A funny message can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Funny messages can be light in tone and keep things like holidays and events from becoming to serious or severe. Businesses can keep a lighthearted voice with a funny greeting and have broad appeal when a serious voice isn't needed.

Who should I buy funny birthday greeting cards for?

Many different audiences will enjoy a funny birthday greeting card, but keep in mind the lighthearted tone that the card uses. Funny cards are best for someone you have a developed relationship with. A good rule of thumb is give funny cards only to people to whom you would say the joke out loud.

Can I buy recyclable funny greeting cards?

Yes, most greeting cards are recyclable since they are made from 100% paper. This means that anywhere that takes paper recycling will be able to recycle greeting cards. The same is true for 100% paper envelopes. Shopping with environmental impact in mind is a great practice, and greeting cards can be recycled safely.

Will my funny greeting cards come with envelopes?

Yes, your greeting cards will come with envelopes. Different options are also available, and the envelopes can be customized to include up to 4 lines of text on the back flap of the envelope. You can also get Fastick (peel and stick) envelopes for easy sealing.


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The recipient of a greeting card typically looks at the envelope and cover or front image before reading the message inside the card. During this process and afterward, the recipient tends to think of the sender. There is a psychological dimension to every stage of the process of selecting or designing, sending and receiving greeting cards. A basic understanding of how cards influence senders and recipients can be helpful for choosing business or personal greeting cards or designing custom greeting cards.

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Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other festive time of the year, Cards for Causes provides the cards you need to send your appreciation to family and friends or business associates and employees. Easy to order, and as many as you need for a low price. Never forget, a percentage of your cost goes to the charity of your choice. You even have the option of listing that charity in the card!



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