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Sending greetings to your clients, employees and business partners is not just great for business, but it also lets recipients know how much you and your organization care. Whether it’s holiday greetings, birthday well wishes or just sincere appreciation, custom greeting cards are a great way to help form and maintain the business relationships that not only keeps your business going, but puts a friendly face on your operations throughout the year.

Sending the Right Message

There’s no shortage of places to find greeting cards, but too often, what’s available doesn’t accurately capture what you’d like to convey. A custom greeting card design can be tailored and targeted to your recipients, saying exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it. Cultivating professional relationships is an essential part of doing business, and staying connected to your clients and business partners is necessary. Custom greeting cards are a lovely way to do so.

You understand how essential it is to create a culture of caring with your employees. They put in hard work the whole year to provide great customer service to clients as well as maintaining the quality associated with your brand. Celebrate their birthdays or send holiday greetings by bulk purchases of custom greeting cards online. Customize your card with a company logo or a heartfelt message of appreciation complete with a signature.

Choosing Cards for Causes

Sending greetings or well wishes is cool enough on its own, but with Cards for Causes you can also offer support to a cause that is important to you, your organization as well as the recipients. You can specify a charity to receive 20% of the proceeds from your purchase. Bring awareness to your favorite cause with a customized message and back it up with a donation. True charity and well wishes come from the heart; now you can do both with an order of custom greeting cards from Cards for Causes.



Custom Cards FAQs

What discounts or savings are available with card orders?

There are savings to be had no matter the size order. Whether you’re ordering 25 cards, the minimum order or up to 15,000, we show the price per card as well as a comparison between your order and the actual retail price. The more custom greeting cards you order, the bigger the savings!

Are customizations only available with certain cards?

Whatever the occasion, from birthdays to appreciation, all of our card designs can be customized to send a message that is special to you and the intended recipients. From the actual message to company logos or personal signatures, we make it easy to find custom greeting cards online that you’ll love sending.

How can I tell if a card is landscape or portrait in orientation?

With each custom greeting card design, you can see the orientation of the card from the image shown on our site. Click on a particular card to see larger images, including the orientation, the cover image and the interior of the card. Additional images also include a close-up of the envelope design, included with each order.

What customizations are available for cards?

Once you’ve settled on a custom greeting card design, you can make further customizations including the interior message for which you can come up with your own text or use a preset verse. You can include company name, a charity benefit line, logo artwork file, a signature as well as a custom message on the envelope flap.

Are there any additional fees to consider?

Yes, there’s a small fee associated with uploading a graphic logo and/or signature graphic for custom greeting cards. Graphic logo files should be under 50 MB. Please call if you have special requests, especially for larger file sizes. Envelopes can be upgraded to peel and stick options for a small fee as well.

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The Psychology of Greeting Cards

The recipient of a greeting card typically looks at the envelope and cover or front image before reading the message inside the card. During this process and afterward, the recipient tends to think of the sender. There is a psychological dimension to every stage of the process of selecting or designing, sending and receiving greeting cards. A basic understanding of how cards influence senders and recipients can be helpful for choosing business or personal greeting cards or designing custom greeting cards.

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Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other festive time of the year, Cards for Causes provides the cards you need to send your appreciation to family and friends or business associates and employees. Easy to order, and as many as you need for a low price. Never forget, a percentage of your cost goes to the charity of your choice. You even have the option of listing that charity in the card!



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