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Auto repair shops, car dealerships and other businesses in the automotive industry can order custom Christmas cards in bulk. Choose from a large selection of automotive Christmas cards with many options for customization. Give the inside of cards a personal touch with a custom message or your choice of preset message in addition to a photo, logo, signature, printed sender name and charity line.

Car Holiday Cards 

Whether you prefer to send cards that wish recipients a merry Christmas, happy holidays or season’s greetings, you can find cards with car covers that include each of these messages. Select your favorite design and check out the options available for customization. You may be able to print the name of your company on card covers, depending on the design.

Holiday cards with automotive-themed covers are also popular choices for personal senders who are car fanatics. Show your appreciation for vintage vehicles with an artistic rendition of a car or truck navigating a winter landscape. You can also send photo Christmas cards to share a festive picture that features your favorite ride.

Auto Shop Christmas Cards

Automotive businesses can promote customer satisfaction and retention by going above and beyond in terms of service. Sending auto shop Christmas cards can be a great way to touch base with customers during the holiday season. Sending these cards during the winter can be helpful for ensuring that you are the first service on recipients’ minds.

Depending on the level of customization you desire, you can create cards with photographs that feature business vehicles or service team members. It may also be possible to add your name to the cover of specified car cards. No matter which card you choose, greeting card interiors are fully customizable. In addition to including a logo, photo, signatures and sender information, you can also promote the charity you have chosen to receive 20% of the cost of a card order.



Auto Sales / Auto Repair FAQs

How do I customize automotive Christmas cards?

Many Christmas cards feature vehicles on the cover along with a holiday or seasonal message. Some card designs set aside space to print the name of an auto shop or another automotive business on card covers. Customize the message inside cards and add a photo, logo, signature, and sender line.

What are the best selling car Christmas cards?

The top Christmas cards with automotive theme covers are vintage style cards. Old-fashioned trucks and cars shown driving in snowy winter scenes are among the most popular choices. Funny cards with holiday-themed animations are also popular choices for businesses such as car washes, dealerships, oil change services and repair shops.

Which cards are best for auto shops and repair professionals?

Auto repair shops handle serious business, which can make funny car Christmas cards a great choice for sending holiday cheer. Depending on the business, you may prefer to customize holiday greeting cards with humorous animated covers, depictions of vintage cars in winter scenes or other artistic, photo-realistic or stylized designs.

Can I customize automotive greeting card covers?

Some holiday greeting cards featuring automotive have space to print the name of an auto shop or car dealer on the cover. You also have the option to send photo Christmas cards with your choice of an image, such as a picture of your auto dealership or repair shop team.

What should I write inside a car Christmas card?

The message you include inside automotive Christmas cards should correspond to the sentiments printed on the card cover. You may want to express appreciation and best wishes for recipients during the holiday or winter season, based on the cover message, on behalf of your business or in personal car-themed cards.


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