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Realtors and other real estate professionals can send new home Christmas cards to select clients. Choose the perfect design for recipients on any mailing list from a selection of card covers that feature artistic representations of homes and associated items such as house keys or tools. Some cover messages are ideal for clients who have recently listed, purchased or remodeled homes. Other cards are suitable for a wide range of senders, including handyman or maintenance services, home improvement specialists or property management professionals. Find out how to get bulk Christmas cards with the best design for business or professional contacts.

How do I order new home Christmas cards?

Choose your favorite card cover design from a selection of Christmas and holiday cards that have new home themes. Select an order quantity of 25 or more cards and customize the interior of every card with a custom message or template, business logo, signature, printed sender name and charity line.

What are some popular new home holiday cards?

Some of the most popular holiday cards intended for home buyers feature Christmas, holiday or season’s greetings messages and are accessories with depictions of tools, keys and other items associated with home ownership. Other covers portray residences with holiday decor as a wrapped present or inside a snowglobe-style Christmas ornament.

Can I customize business Christmas card covers?

Some greeting card covers leave room to print a company name or are die cut to reveal a logo inside. A realtor or home improvement service can also customize the cover and interior of photo Christmas cards for a mailing list. Select your favorite design for personalized boxed Christmas cards.

Are non-seasonal new home greeting cards available?

Some cards with new home cover themes are suitable for any time of year. Cards with a “Home Sweet Home” cover message that do not have festive designs are ideal for any recipient throughout the year. Other cards commemorate stages of the buying and selling process without a holiday motif.

What message should go in new home Christmas cards?

The cover message on greeting cards for new home buyers sets the tone for a card. A card order should include an interior message that corresponds to the cover message. Choose from templates with Christmas, holiday or seasonal messages or create a custom message to thank clients for their business.


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